Dec 14, 2018 - If you're fair, you know how hard it is to the best foundation for pale skin (not too dark, not too yellow and not too rosy) but the search is over.

Today I'm going to be talking about the MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW10. This may be a strange review coming f rom me since I ten d to focus on Asian Cosmetics and also since this foundation has been around for a very long time so it's not new and exciting, but somet imes it good to do a nice review on a good so lid cr owd favourite. Totally free antivirus for mac. Wd my passport setup for mac and pc. 'A modern foundation that combines a natural matte finish and medium to full buildable coverage with broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 15/PA++ protection. Applies, builds and blends easily and evenly.

Comfortable and long-wearing, it helps minimize the appearance of pores and imperfections, giving skin a smoother, more flawless look and finish. Final Thoughts I love every thing about this foundation o ther than the colour. I t's so easy to work with, it applies easily, w orks well with al most any primer or setting powder, lasts me all day and gives great buildable coverage. It' s a great foundation and I can see why it is a cult favourite, but I just wish that MAC would create thi s foundation in NC10 because NC15 is too dark, and dilutin g it / lightening it does tamper some of th e coverage and longevity eff ects which is such a p ity! I would recommend the MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW10 for any Princesses that a re cool toned, and looking for a good all round foundation.

Where To Buy: MAC stores (no on line available for New Zealand). This foundation is the best match I've ever found! It's seriously the most perfect match for my skin, although it's still taking me some time to get used to not looking slightly orange. I am looking for a hydrating primer to use under it because it does irritate my dry eczema patches around my mouth, but the finish is beautiful. It's really strange that they don't make it in NC10. I thought that the lines on both NW and NC were meant to match up, just with different undertones? That's really annoying!

It's just a shame that it's not cruelty free, as I am trying to only buy cruelty free products now. Just wanted to comment that they now have nc10!!!! I had the same problem as you, it was too pink for me but i still used it because its cheaper than nars and easier to buy in my country - but i finally ran out and today i went to the mac store to get a new foundation, and they had it! Its a perfect match for me, i actually almost cried from happines because this is the first time a foundation truly matches my skin tone and i dont have to feel self conscious about undertones or my face being too dark anymore!:) you should definitely try it if you havent already, im pretty sure it will be perfect for you too:).

You don’t have to be a beauty expert or even someone who is truly obsessed with makeup to know about MAC. The truth is if you’re even remotely interested in makeup you have heard, tried, or looked up a review on MAC Foundation. When it comes to foundation, MAC Foundation is the standard. MAC Foundation is what you’ll hear all the beauty vloggers compare whatever other foundation they’re talking about to. MAC Foundation is the universal shade finder foundation where in order to match yourself to another foundation all you have to do is simply read what the alternative MAC Foundation shade should be. Whether you’re a makeup artist or just an everyday woman looking to purchase a foundation you know that you can trust, that will work, and that will come in your shade, there’s simply no denying that MAC Foundation is where you start.

For those who are well-versed in the world of MAC, navigating it is second nature, but for others, it can be a bit overwhelming. Right now, there are 15 kinds of MAC Foundation available in a variety of textures, finishes, and suited for various skin types. Within this extensive collection of MAC Foundations you can find numerous shades with cool and warm undertones designed to ensure that no matter who you are, what your skin needs, or the color of your complexion, there is a MAC Foundation option for you. The problem with that is, how exactly do you know which MAC Foundation is right for you?

That’s where this helpful guide comes in. From the best MAC Foundation for your skin type to the MAC Foundation that has the best chance of having your shade, after reading this guide you’ll be able to get the MAC Foundation you need. MAC Foundation Shades Before we jump into discussing the different kinds of MAC Foundation it makes more sense to start with MAC Foundation shades. MAC Foundations are known for having one of the most inclusive shade ranges available for foundation today. MAC Foundation shades are divided into two different categories depending on whether your undertones are cool or warm. Each shade of MAC Foundation will start with either and C, NC, W, or NW to represent the cool and warm undertones respectively.