Getting footnote text to stay on the same page as the footnote itself March 6, 2012 March 6, 2012 cbaranovic An issue that has confronted me many times is a situation where someone marks a footnote on a particular page and then types the text for the footnote and Word splits the text across that page and the next page. Nov 13, 2018  Pages for Mac: Add footnotes and endnotes in a Pages document. A document can contain footnotes, which appear at the bottom of the page, or endnotes, which appear at the end of the document or a section. You can’t have both footnotes and endnotes in the same document, but you can convert all notes in the document from one type.

To insert a footnote into your document: • Click on References. • Then click Insert Footnote. • It will create a numbered list of footnotes in the bottom margin of the page. Type your footnote here.

To keep the footnote together, try the following steps: • Press Ctrl+Shift+S to display the Apply Styles pane. • Footnote Text • Click the Modify button. How to insert an excel spreadsheet into word for mac. • In the Modify Style dialog, click Format, and then click Paragraph.

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• You’ll find “Keep lines together” on the Line and Page Breaks tab. Thank you for using ASK US.

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