How to Use VLC Media Player to Play Encrypted Blu-Ray disc in Windows 8 64-bit or Windows 8 32-bit Overview. Again, there is no Blu-Ray playback support with Microsoft latest Windows operating system, Windows 8, just as there is no native Blu-Ray playback support under Apple Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

Is there a free app that truely will clean my mac for free. My teammate Adrian and I have personally used and tested a handful of Mac cleaner apps. Some are free (CCleaner, OnyX, etc.) while others are not (CleanMyMac, DaisyDisk, Drive Genius, etc.). Depending on your specific needs and personal preferences, the best Mac cleaner app for you may vary. Anyway here's my question, I've heard some great reviews about Clean My Mac 3 so downloaded the free version of it, and it's found about 4GB of junk files. The problem is, because it's only the trial, it's only letting me clear 500MB off and then wants me to buy a license, and it seems pretty expensive to me.

Most of the changes affect codecs, decoders, and demuxers and should ensure better playback than ever before; VLC's main draw is its ability to handle every video format under the sun without codec add-ons. Meanwhile, the rest of the changes are more visible: the UI's been reworked, OS X now supports Lion's full screen mode, and Blu-ray support is a go. Features to look forward to in VLC 2.0: • Subtitles, subpictures and OSD can now be sized and blent inside outputs • Port to Android, iOS, OS/2 and Win64. • Multiple files are now supported inside RAR files • Experimental Blu-Ray Discs support using libbluray • HTTP Live Streaming (IETF draft) playback support • Support for HTTPS is now fixed in the Windows port • One can now use ffmpeg-mt in conjunction with vlc, to split decoding load on multiple cores.

• Mac OS X: support for the native fullscreen mode on OS X Lion • Mac OS X: support for lua extensions offer expanded functionality, as extensions usually do. Those work in the OS X version as of VLC 2.0. One of VLC's designers of the Mac version's new UI. It sure does look like iTunes.