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Content Type Application Author Price Macro Microsoft Excel OfficeHelp 19.95 USD Organization Chart Maker for Microsoft® Excel® - Version 2.10 Tested on Microsoft Excel Versions: 2003 (11.0), 2007 (12.0), 2010 (14.0), 2013, 2016 - should work on any version from Office 2003 Quickly and easily generate your own organization charts from a plain list of data with Organization Chart Maker for Microsoft® Excel®. Apply colors and formats. Integrate external data from ERP or HR management systems like or Microsoft® Dynamics Navision, SAP®, PeopleSoft®, Oracle®, etc. Chart Stock & Portfolio listings, team members planning & company ownership charts. Runs in Excel, no installation required. Really EASY - if you know Excel, you know this!

Tired of manually creating your organization charts? Tired of millions of manual updates? If you have Microsoft Excel, you can now generate Organizational Charts, just by entering the hierarchy members and associated data like their name and function. Use different colors and customization options. Import data from external applications like ERP, Accounting or RH packages. Whole or partial hierarchies from the same data.

Based only in EXCEL- No installation or setup required. Just open in Excel and run!

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Really easy to use, just fill in the values in the Input Cells (or import them from an external application, like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics or any ERP / RH / any management package) and press the ' Run' button to create several different styles of Organizational Charts. The system will generate a new workbook with the resulting Org. Charts (PICs. 2 to 5, 7 and 8). This new workbook HAS NO MACROS on it, just the resulting chart. Change, save and email it as any other regular Microsoft Excel file.

1 - Screen Shot from the Microsoft Excel Macro File (Click to Enlarge) Much more than Corporate Staff charts. Multiple types of hierarchic charts can be drawn with the same tool, like Staff charts, Shares Ownership, Website Navigation, Portfolios, etc: PIC. 2 - Staff Chart – From the whole company to a single department, including company structure, subordinates and assistants.

Can represent special purpose details, like Color Maps / Heat Maps for staff performance (Click to Enlarge). 3 -Shares Ownership – Create charts to illustrate shareholder relationships.

Generate organization chart in excel here is a good way to generate organization charts in excel using SmartArt and little bit of VBA. Well i am no expert and what ever i do is all hit and trail with lots of reference from help contents.


Use the fields available to show% owned and other relevant information. Apply color to illustrate variables like control (ownership > 50%) - (Click to Enlarge) PIC. 4 - Website Navigation – Easily and quickly represent your website navigation structure and pages on a simple to understand chart (Click to Enlarge) PIC. 5 - Portfolios – Easily and draw a portfolio of assets – financial investments, real estate, etc. Use colors to represent returns, etc (Click to Enlarge) IMPORT from external sources.

Link to 3rd party software like ERPs, RH suites, line of business, etc! Easily draw Org. Charts with data from external sources like from ERP or HR management systems like Microsoft Dynamics Navision, SAP®, PeopleSoft®, Oracle®, etc. Create a report on the source software (ex: ERP or RH software) that exports a plain text file with the same columns as the 'Organization Chart Members List' and load it into Excel. Colors can be applied by name. Export the color name in text and the Excel macro will apply the correct color based on your definitions. 6 - Data Import Diagram (Click to Enlarge) What do I get after purchase?