I have recently made the mistake of upgrading from Excel for mac 2008 to. You can fill in the values, select the custom fill colour and it works.

» » Formatting Charts Formatting Charts in Excel Once you create a chart it's easy to format and enhance your chart using Excel's menus and commands. My passport for mac support. To change chart style in Excel, simply right click or double click on the chart item you want to format to view the formatting options for that item. Just a few of the chart items you can format are: • • • • If you are using QI Macros with Excel 2007, view our. Chart Titles, Axis Titles, and Data Labels TO CHANGE TEXT: To change the title, axis or data label text, click once on the text box to highlight it, then click again to place your cursor within the text box. Note: don't double click on the title; this will open the formatting box and text cannot be modified there. TO CHANGE TITLE APPEARANCE: Right click on the title or data label you want to format and select Format, or double click.

It’s been more than three years since the last update to ( ), the leading Mac spreadsheet. Despite the long wait for a new version, when you launch Excel 2008, you’ll see what appears to be a slightly re-skinned version of Excel 2004—or even of Excel v.X.

The menus and menu items are nearly identical, and the worksheet itself is the same as it’s always been. Appearances can be deceiving, however—Excel 2008 is a major rewrite, designed to run natively on Intel-powered Macs as well as PowerPC-based machines. This release of Excel also offers some new features, though it drops at least one major area of functionality. As a result, Excel 2008 may leave you feeling somewhat underwhelmed. New features Most users will first notice the Elements Gallery, which is represented by a row of four buttons—Sheets, Charts, SmartArt Graphics, and WordArt—and appears below the toolbar. Each button is a shortcut to commonly-used features. Click Sheets and choose from one of a number of preformatted sheets in seven categories; Excel will open that sheet as a starting point—though experienced users may find these sheets too simple for their needs.

The Charts tool lets you quickly insert a nicely formatted chart. SmartArt Graphics offers a large number of graphic elements, and WordArt lets you customize the appearance of text blocks. The new Elements Gallery gives you access to a number of ready-to-use templates. Here’s one that’s had three custom images applied, and the stock text replaced.Whether or not you find the Gallery useful will depend on how you use Excel.

How To Color Code Excel 2008 For Mac

Personally, I have no use for the Sheets or WordArt buttons, but both Charts and SmartArt Graphics make it simple to add professional-looking images to your spreadsheets. As an example, I downloaded Apple’s stock price history—daily high, low, close, and volume—and was able to turn it into a nice-looking stock chart with a couple of mouse clicks. Unfortunately, there’s no way to disable any of these Elements Gallery buttons, so even if you never use them, they’ll take up some vertical space on every sheet you open. Another new feature—the Formula Builder—makes building formulas simpler. After you enter a formula name, the Formula Builder displays input boxes and brief descriptions for each element in that formula.

As you enter values, the boxes become color-coded to match the relevant cells on the worksheet that are used in the formula—so it’s easy to see exactly what goes where. This feature can be a big timesaver, especially for those formulas that you don’t use often enough to memorize their syntax. Formula AutoComplete further speeds the entry of formulas.

As you start typing a formula name, Formula AutoComplete displays a pop-up menu with matching formulas. Select one of the displayed formulas, and Excel 2008 will complete the formula’s name, then display a floating tooltip showing each required element in that formula.

In Excel 2004, I used two floating palettes regularly—the Toolbox, which held a scrapbook, compatibility tester, and project interface; and the Formatting Palette, which offered formatting options for text, images, and graphics. In Excel 2008, the Formatting Palette has merged with the Toolbox, which is now tabbed, and looks more like an Inspector panel in one of Apple’s iWork applications. A new Reference Tools tab in the Toolbox gives fast access to a thesaurus and dictionary (though these aren’t the ones built into OS X), an encyclopedia, and even a Web search box. Like its predecessor, the Toolbox can quickly grow taller than your screen, especially on a laptop—if that happens, you’ll have to close some sections in order to see others. The new toolbar icons are easier to read than Excel 2004’s, and the section headers in the Toolbox are colored, making them easier to spot at a glance. A Document Theme feature in the Formatting Palette picks a set of compatible colors for your worksheet—but the choice only affects SmartArt graphics, charts, shapes, and pictures.

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