Jul 20, 2018 - Note: Mac key convention: ' Ctrl ' is used for 'Control', ' Apple ' is. Increase or decrease the text size with ' Apple ' and ' + ' (plus) and ' Apple ' and ' - ' (minus). Click on the ' Safari ' menu with the mouse and then click on. Using a relatively hidden setting, you can change the font size used for listing messages in Outlook. That is, the emails listed in Outlook that you sift through before opening one to read. Changing the font size of the message list is not the same as changing the font size of an email.

Well, I'm running ancient FF 3.6.24 (due to SimplePass) on one system, another has new FF. Both have similiar setups for text rendering. I've heard that if you don't let the pages 'do their thing' that fonts can go a bit nuts.

There are a couple of FireFox extensions that can affect resolution, too - you'd know if you had those installed. I do reset a page on occasion with Cntl-ALT-CntrMouse-Roll to adjust the page as I like it but the page doesn't suddenly reset itself on me. How to download mods for minecraft 1.8.9 mac free.

FireFox - the example is old FF - the newer version path will be different, the idea is the same. FireFox 3.6.24 -- Tools -> Options -> Content -> Content -> Advanced CHECKed ->'Allow pages to choose their own fonts, instead of my selections above Here's a shot of FF 3.6.24 font setup.

I don't recall setting it up, but it works OK. So, if it's not the fonts, it has to be another one of the extensions.

Like I said, you'd know if you have them installed. On the other hand, if one of the extensions is not behaving itself, you may not be aware of THAT. Might be worth checking! I hope this helps! Click The Kudos for Thanks! Set Accept as Solution if it's Fixed! Kudos are Earned!

First thought of the evening was: Device Reset (from Mouse Properties page) - seems unlikely. I like the settings page below. EDITS 23-Nov-2011 11:11 p.m. My latest contribution is below. This seems a likely candidate.

TouchPad Settings: 'Pinch Zoom' It's been reported that if this setting is too sensitive the screen can flash (zoom) out of control. Some folks opt to disable the feature entirely. Control Panel -> Mouse -> Device Settings -> Highlight the Touchpad. -> Settings If this doesn't do it, another thing to try might be to update (or just reinstall the driver). This is another long shot, but drivers are fussy things and sometimes do respond to being kicked. I hate stuff that doesn't work.

I've been trying to help someone with their sound for awhile now - finally broke the sound on my system pounding on it (not literally ). (Not that it makes me happy, but it's easier to test it when it's broken.

Smiling.) Good Luck! I'm in the Good Old USA - Happy Thanksgiving if you are, too! I hope this helps. Click The Kudos for Thanks! Set Accept as Solution if it's Fixed!

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