Hi Guys I am having similar issues with My network printer / Photocopier Doc C3100 I have tried the following: Connecting to it VIA IP address used the Xerox firmware for MAC - dindt work - it wioll beep Used PCL generic provided by MAC and didnt work - will print alot of pages that has numbers and letters on them I have checked the logs on the printer and it state error 016-749. Abvioulsy the printer is using PCL but then why it wouldnt even work with the generic PCL driver or the xerox mac firmware?? Prepare a flashdrive in mac for windows boot It is using LPD but i also tried HP socket with no rsults other than again printing rubbish The printer works fine in windows i have disabled the accounting function within the printer.

I have also revret to MAC 10.10.3 from 10.10.4 with no luck I have tried to fix all premisions within mAC but again with no luck I can creat PDF files so MAC printing software dopes work Apple couldnt help me as they think it should work with treh generic soft at least Help please Jason. We had one MacBook Pro (10.10.4) that was printing blank pages to our Xerox 5550DN. Tried many solutions but all failed. Here is what got us back in business. A hybrid of various options found around the web. - uninstalled driver using xerox utility - changed the systemversion.plist (system->library.coreservices) to 10.6.2 had to fiddle with permissions to get that to work - don’t restart it whacks everything - downloaded older version driver 2.13 (vs.

The Apple Java for OS X 2012-006 1.0 update for Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8 operating systems delivers improved security, reliability, and compatibility by uninstalling the Apple-provided Java applet plug. Starting with Java 8 Update 25 (8u25), download and install Java 8 from java.com. A bug was fixed in 8u20 which had prevented the installation of prior releases of Java on Mac OS X 10.10. A bug was fixed in 8u20 which had prevented the installation of prior releases of Java on Mac OS X 10.10. 10.8

Jan 19, 2017 - Every since I upgraded to Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite I can not scan. On the Apple icon, select About this Mac and then press Software Update. HP Printer Driver Download Hp Drivers Mac Os Yosemite For Windows Mac OS Hp Drivers Mac Os Yosemite, Drivers firmware apps Hp Drivers Mac Os Yosemite Scanner laptop computer firmware.

2.14) - installed driver - setup printer as IP and not bonjour - changed to LPD vs IPP protocol - i think that really was the critical step. My other computer (that would print) was set as LPD already when I went back and checked that detail. I would start with this switch first and may not need to do all the others. - be sure to change the systemversion.plist back to current version of OS. My guess I could even use the 2.14 driver but not going to test that now. Going to leave it at working.finally.

Thank you for this suggestion Gregmorin. I recently purchased a Macbook Air with Yosemite (OS 10.10.2) and have a WorkCentre Pro 123 which does not have a compatible driver.

I tried using the pc scan and print drivers on the printers drivers, but it seems to only support a Windows OS. Do you think your changing of the IP address could work for mine? Frankly, I did not fully understand what you did or how to do it! Do you or anyone else know what driver/solution can be used to print, scan etc with a Mac? I don't know why Xerox doesn't make this driver. I never had this problem with my Canon printers from years ago and hope Xerox can step up a bit.

Many printers and scanners use driverless technologies such as AirPrint or IPP Everywhere, which don't require additional drivers on your Mac. But third-party drivers might still be available for older devices that do require a driver. Always before connecting the device to your Mac for the first time. If the appropriate driver is available from Apple, your Mac will install it automatically.


This list is no longer updated. Many vendors of printers and scanners have adopted driverless technologies such as AirPrint, and they are no longer providing drivers for new devices. If your printer was made in the last several years, it probably doesn't require a driver. This list is provided for reference purposes and is no longer being updated. Information about products not manufactured by Apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple, is provided without recommendation or endorsement.