Platform for files which equally applies to photos as well. Since you can store all kinds of files like Word, PDFs, JPEG, MPEG etc., in Dropbox, it becomes essential to view these files with speed and clarity. If you are using iOS as mobile platform, then you can find a reliable app like Unbound which makes viewing, organizing and sharing Dropbox photos a breeze. You just have to spend meager $2.99 and use the iTunes store for downloading it. There are various versions of Unbound (iPhone, iPad, Mac) which is produced by Pixite.

Jul 1, 2013 - I have bunches of photos in my Dropbox account. Is there an app which can get photos from my Dropbox and create a slideshow with photos.

The Cult of Mac named this app as the “Best Dropbox Browsing App” when it comes to speed, use and features. The Mac version is little highly priced at $9.99. $ 180 00 yearly Storage 1000 GB 1000 GB 2048 GB Details The download size of this app is 19.6MB and the latest version is 1.1. It is sold in both Japanese and English. The new features include full redesign for iOS 7, video upload and playback support, meta data display. The customer rating stands at 4.5 out of 5, for 17 votes by the user community. The best customer reviews included on the iTunes store make it a favorable app for the Apple community.

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One user says that it’s a good substitute for iCloud photos. Once you drop the photos in Dropbox you can view, organize and sync with any Apple device. Another user says that this app is awesome which behaves like a native app of iOS platform. The plus side is that the photos stored do not take up any space on the iPhone or iPads. Using Unbound you can also caption photos, view them in slideshows and share them easily. But there are also little cons with Unbound. You have to buy different versions for different devices.

Also selecting multiple photos at once is a little tough task. Though there are other options like Hazel, CameraSync to upload photos to Dropbox, the browsing experience is not that sophisticated as Unbound. Another app like Everpix makes this process a more time-killer. How to Setup Unbound? Before you start with this iOS app, it’s important you grant access to your. This is to ensure, you don’t have to provide the login credentials every time you need to open a photo. It’s also important to decide whether you will enable Dropbox’s photo sync feature.

This syncing functionality can be used on a WiFi connection alone or you need to decide whether to use a cellular connection in case the WiFi doesn’t work out. Four Different Functionalities: With Unbound for Dropbox you can perform four simple tasks – Browse, Upload, Manage and Share. Share – You can print your photos from an iOS device using AirPrint.

How To Set Up Slide Show In Dropbox For Photos On Mac

You can add animations and music to the slideshow functionality of photos. Just like Instagram you can also add a decent Dropbox picture frame. Finally, sharing photos with your friends and relatives is easy, by just emailing them. The other alternative in this share option is to use the link technology of Dropbox to share the files. How Dropbox Folders Are Used in Unbound? Once the access to Dropbox account is given, the Unbound app opens a folder view of Dropbox photos. The root folder is displayed at the top and subfolders are listed in the next pane, with each one having its own cover photo.

The basic idea behind is that if you tap a particular folder, then only all the photos in that particular folder are downloaded to your iOS device. So by mistake, if you have tapped or pointed the app towards a big sized folder, it will take lot of space on your Apple device. There is a little difference when compared to the default Dropbox app for viewing photos. Unbound makes the hassle of leaving the Photos view and head into the Photos folder simpler. You have lot of tools at your disposal. © There are also some cons in using the folders feature. Changing the cover photo for folders becomes difficult. You can’t point to multiple folders at once and unify them into albums.

Grouping of albums by parent folder is also not possible. There is also special twist in the Dropbox and Unbound for iOS love story. Suppose you have named the folders in Dropbox using some name convention like this: 2014 > 10 – February So you are basically naming all your photo folders year-wise and the subsequent sub-folders in “date – month” wise format. But since Unbound hides the middle view of the folder path, you will have a typical structure like this. “10 - February” for all years like 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 etc. So in order to escape this complexity, the best suggested method is to rename the sub-folders something like this 2014 – 10 – February Also, according to a, it’s better to keep the cache size enabled for at least few 100MB’s which will make your browsing experience smoother.

Conclusion You will have some special powers like changing the root folder on Dropbox for Unbound. How to use wd my passport on mac for backup. You can choose a sorting method for your photos and sub-folders also called as “albums”. You have the choice to disable the ability to delete photos and delete albums.