Hi, I am working on a PC Office Word document in Office 2016 - Word mac. A text box was locked in the original doc.

To unlock the text box I selected Protect -> Password Protect -> unlocked the security with password. Now I can edit and add text in the ex-locked text box. However all the other text boxes in the doc now display my text between square brackets! Quickbooks for mac 2014 manual

] with a blue background. Can anyone assist with info - how to switch off the black square brackets? Would appreciate a resolution as soon as possible. Regards, Steve.

Using microsoft word on mac

How to Add a Check Box and Custom Bullets in Microsoft Word By Maria Krisette Capati – Posted on Sep 26, 2014 Aug 18, 2015 in Software Hacks Recently, I created a rough draft survey form using Microsoft Office Word. Typing, writing m2 m3 square meters, cubic meters in word, excel, powerpoint Method 1: Copy the characters m² and m³ then paste the text into Word, Excel, or Powerpoint her to complete. Method 2: Use the shortcut key combination.