In a previous post, we considered how to link Excel files to PowerPoint presentations. This can be a significant time saver as the PowerPoint presentation can be updated automatically. It is also possible to update the links in PowerPoint from within Excel. 2 thoughts on “ Edit links in PowerPoint using VBA. Alternatively, you can break the links to the source Excel file before you send the file to others. In PowerPoint 2010 and above, in the Info section of the File ribbon, there is a button to Edit Links to Files. You can select the links and click the button to break the links.

I have an Excel Sheet that we use to track project progress. This sheet is open almost around the clock as people are constantly entering information into this sheet. I then have a PowerPoint presentation which links to this Excel file and grabs some graphs from it and then displays this PowerPoint on loop in our work area. I have it set up such that the links automatically update everytime the presentation loops back to the first slide.

THE PROBLEM IS.because the excel sheet is open, when the PowerPoint attempts to grab information from the excel sheet it pops up a message telling me that the Excel sheet is open (by someone on my team entering progress results), and that I have to click 'Read-Only' or 'Notify' or 'Cancel'. If I click 'Read-Only', the data does update properly. HOWEVER, I just want it to ALWAYS open the excel file in Read-Only when grabbing the data so that this spreadsheet can loop continuously without me having to ever touch the presentation. I'm thinking I may have to write some VB to make this happen.

But even any guidance you could give me on that would be extremely helpful. Microsoft internet explorer 8 for mac.