IPhone Calendar app notes what we need to do every day. We can use it to remind us of an appointment with a dentist, a meeting, birthday parties for friends and other activities. We can delete and add appointments and events according to our demand on this built-in app.

Tip #7: Use Your Calendar Notes Field. Keep all the information you’ll need for a calendar event in the Notes field of the event. If you use a paper calendar, jot down the information directly in the calendar, if there’s room, or add it in with a sticky note if necessary. It looks like a tear-off calendar and always displays the current date and month. You can view your calendar by day, week, month or year. You can sync your Google Calendar with iCal.

Sometimes, we may want to view our iPhone calendar on our PC/Mac for convenience and saving time when we are busy working on our machine all the time. If you want to transfer iPhone calendar to PC/Mac to view, we will show you two available ways to help you solve the problem.

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You May Like: View iPhone Calendar on PC/Mac Computer via iTunes Step 1: Open iTunes > Connect your iPhone to computer with a USB cable. On iTunes, Click iPhone icon > Click Info tab > Click Sync Calendars > Select sync All Calendars or Selected Calendars > Click Apply. View iPhone Calendar on PC/Mac Computer with iTunes – Step 2 Note: The iTunes on PC is a little different from Mac. You need to click 'Sync Calendars with' in the 'Calendars' section, and choose your calendar software like Outlook from the dropdown list. Apple iTunes is an ordinary way to but may cause duplicate calendars. Except for iTunes, you may want to find another simple way to selectively transfer calendars from iPhone to PC/Mac computer to view.

Also Read: View iPhone Calendar on PC/Mac Computer with AnyTrans Before starting this tutorial, we need to learn about the profession tool we will use. Is a powerful and excellent software to help people manage and transfer content like calendar, notes, messages, photos, videos, music, apps from iPhone to PC/Mac computer directly, and to another iOS device.

How To Use Mac Calendar For School

It supports transferring purchased and non-purchased items from iPhone to Mac/Computer. With it, we can edit, delete calendar on our iPhone with ease. Step 1: on computer. Step 2: Launch AnyTrans and connect your iPhone to computer via a USB cable. And then click 'Calendar' on Homepage of AnyTrans. View iPhone Calendar on PC/Mac Computer with AnyTrans – Step 3 The Bottom Line As you can see, with the help of AnyTrans, it is enough easy to get iPhone calendar events to computer and view them with bigger screen. Absolutely, AnyTrans is also fitted with many other nice features, for example, supports 20 + types of iOS data and files (including music, videos, photos, messages, notes, etc), supports transferring iOS contents among computer, iTunes library and other iDevice, and so on.

All in all, it is a powerful iOS contents management tool you can't miss.

There was a time when I managed my calendar by keeping a Post-It note with important meetings written down on it. That hasn’t worked since the late 1990s, though. Today, I rely on Google Calendar to keep my appointments in sync between my Mac and my iOS devices. I use and Apple’s Calendar on my Mac, Fantastical on the iPhone, and Calendar on the iPad. I’m okay with my approach, but some Apple power-users I spoke to had alternative approaches that are worth considering. Jacqui Cheng Jacqui Cheng is the editor-in-chief of.

Like me, she uses Google Calendar as the “main hub” for all her calendar syncing. “This started back when I still had an office job and was using a Windows PC to program on,” meaning iCal and iCloud weren’t even options at the time. Because all the major calendar apps sync with Google Calendar now, “it’s too much of a mess for me to extract into anything else.” Jacqui says that she uses her Mac and iPhone equally for adding appointments. “On the Mac, I just use the Google Calendar page on the Web, because I usually already have it open.” On the iPhone, she uses Apple’s Calendar app, which has Google sync built in as an option.