Free mpc emulator. I've an external hard drive that I've used on Mac. Now, I'm trying to format it so that I can use it on PC instead of Mac. Unfortunately, I longer.

Today I bought a 3TB My Book external hard drive. The only reason I need this is to move my 2,000+ pictures and 100+ videos off my Mac and keep them safe. These pictures and videos are filling up my memory and I can't seem to do much else with the whole 10GB I have free. Setting up and backing up My Book with Time Machine seemed to be a breeze and I can see all of the items on it that I need to. Honestly, I didn't want to back up my whole computer, I didn't need to. All I need off the Mac is the pictures and videos and I must be able to move them safely to another computer, if I want to.

So here's my problem, before I even attempted to clean off all the pictures and videos from my Mac, I wanted to make sure I could see them on the drive from my husbands Lenovo laptop which runs on Windows 8. The device is recognized when plugged in but in no way can he open the external hard drive to see any pictures or videos, or anything for that matter. At this point, I'm very frustrated, I don't have enough money to spend an arm and a leg on hard drive. But obviously, you get what you pay for. Is there any drive (I want something that's at least 2TB for future use) that will be able to transfer my pictures and videos from my Mac to a Windows computer, and vice versa?

Is there any way that I can get this My Book to work with Windows 8 now that I've used it for my Mac? If not, it's going back ASAP. Yes, you can ignore some of the responses here.

While we may not agree with what you want to do, here is the solution to your question. We are going to reformat your new EXT so both Mac and Win machines will be able to use it. Connect the drive to your Mac, open disk utility Go to the partiton tab and select '1'. Format should be ExFAT - and in options select MBR Format the drive Copy your pictures, videos, etc back onto the drive.

Connect it to your Win machine and now you should be able to use this drive there, too. If you used Time Machine to back the photos and videos to the external and you now delete them from the Mac then Time Machine can delete them from the backup.

A backup is not the way to save files to an external disk drive No the disk with the Time Machine backup should be formatted for a Mac and the PC will not be able to use it What you really need is to an external disk that you copy the files to for storage Then another disk for backup Depending on how your photos and video are stored and managed on your Mac it may be possible for the storage disk drive to be formatted so that it can be accessed by both the Mac and PC. Personally I usually find those solutions to be less then ideal for either comupter so I suggest that you don't do that. Windows does not acknowledge the existence of ANY other computer systems. It does not read any file Systems but its own. Using Windows as the arbiter of whether these files were copied corrctly makes no sense.

If I Format An External Hard Drive For Windows, Can It Be Used On Mac

-------- If you want to expand the space you use on your MacBook Pro, think of an External drive as an Extension drive, that is sometimes connected and in use, and sometimes not. You can drag and drop files there, and Mac OS X can see them edit them, and even make Backup copies of them using Time Machine.