Summary When you use or to create a 3D view of your drawing, a wireframe is displayed in the current viewport. All lines are present, including those hidden by other objects.

When plotting from AutoCAD, one or more drawing elements do not show up in the output and they do not display in print preview. Solution: Configure page setup with the correct printer, paper size, and plot area, and then check layers to make sure they have not been set to not plot. AutoCAD LT:: Multi Leaders In A Tool Palette? May 20, 2013 I am using autocad lt 2014 and have some multi leaders on a tool palette that work fine but if I hit enter or right click for enter the multi leader will use what ever leader is set from the multi leader style that is set on the multi leader style control, but only the leader will come in wrong the text will come in correct. How to stop background pagination in word for mac 2016.

HIDE eliminates the hidden lines from the screen. HIDE considers the following to be opaque surfaces that hide objects: circles, text, regions, wide polyline segments, the extruded edges of objects with nonzero thickness, 2D solids, and (when working with AutoCAD drawings) 3D solids, traces, 3D faces, and polygon meshes. If they are extruded, circles, solids, traces, and wide polyline segments are treated as solid objects with top and bottom faces. You cannot use HIDE on objects whose layers have been frozen; however, you can use HIDE on objects whose layers have been turned off.

To hide text created with MTEXT or TEXT, the system variable must be set to 1 or the text must be assigned a thickness value.

Solution: • Set ANNOALLVISIBLE to 1. This causes all annotative objects to be displayed, no matter the viewport scale chosen. • Set ANNOAUTOSCALE to 4. This causes the newly selected annotation scale of the viewport to be automatically added to any annotative objects. • Using the Properties palette, manually add the desired viewport scales into the annotative scales list of the annotative object. • Using the Properties palette, manually change the Annotative property of the objects in question to 'No'.