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This article contains the Personal Budget Excel Template with graphs and predefined formulas. This Budget is for individuals. For Company Budget please. A personal budget is a financial plan that allocates your personal income towards routine expenses eventually helping to do savings or debt repayments. Budgeting is similar to dieting. During a dieting, we make a schedule of what we eat and try to reduce the extra pounds that we have put on. We Similarly while Budgeting, we track our incomes and expenditures to decrease/cut-down unnecessary or unwanted expenses.

In simple terms, a personal budget is an itemized summary of your income and expenses. It helps you determine whether you can grab a bite at a restaurant or head home for a bowl of soup. I have created a Personal Budget Template with predefined formulas and graphical overview of the financials.

You can also download other templates like, and by clicking on the name of the templates. This template is useful to everyone but especially to working individuals men or women, students and businessmen. Let us discuss the contents of the Personal Budget Template in detail. Contents of Personal Budget Template This template consists of 4 sections: 1. Header Section 2. Income Section 3. Savings Section 4.

Expenditure Section 5. Graphical Overview Section 1.

Header Section Header section consists of the heading of the Personal Budget template and the month for which the personal budget is prepared. Income Section In this section, you need to input all the different income generating sources of an individual. Income generating sources include Salary, dividends, income from interest, rent income etc. Savings Section Saving Section consists general saving, money for any emergency situation, saving for retirement policies etc. Mac This section can be customized as per your needs. Expenses Section This section consists of subcategories of expenses like general expenses, Travel, family expenses, recreation expenses, health expense and holiday expenses etc. General Expenses include rent, insurance, utility bills, ISP bills, maintenance etc.

While travel expenses include car EMI, Auto Insurance, fuel, public transport and manitenance of personal vehicles. Family expenses consist of groceries, child care items, laundry, clothing etc. Shortcut for locking cells in excel mac. Recreation expenses will include movies, DVDs, concerts other outdoor activities. Health expenses include the health insurance, gym fees, doctor’s fee, medicines etc. Holiday expenses include airfare, hotel, food rent a car etc. Graphical Overview Section The graphical Overview section consists the difference of incomes and expenses along with savings and how much more one can save additionally. This overview will give you an idea to plan for an early loan repayment or debt clearance.

You can also plan for the purchase of an asset on the basis of these savings. Both income and expenditure are shown graphically.

The percentage-wise share of income, expenditure and savings is also shown in pie chart format. Importance of Budget – Planning and monitoring your budget helps you identify the wasteful expenditures. – Achieve your financial goals. – Creating a budget will decrease your stress levels because you will be ready for your upcoming expenses in advance. You will not have any surprises. – Provides you with financial freedom. – Retire early.