We received a ton of positive feedback on our Outlook add-in from PC users, but our Apple users were initially left out of all the fun. Fortunately, in their most recent version of Outlook for Mac (v15.35), Microsoft provided access to meetings and Teem took advantage! Earlier this year we released our, which quickly became a big hit. Plugin for outlook mac. Now we can officially say that the Teem add-in is compatible with the latest version of Outlook for Mac. The add-in brings the features you love from Teem (filters for room location, capacity, and amenities) into Outlook to help your employees easily filter and select the best rooms for their meetings. The Teem Outlook Add-in is now compatible with: Outlook/Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016 on PC, Office 365, and the latest version Outlook for Mac (when using Exchange 2013 or later).

Mac users who want to (or have to) use have plenty of choices—we can run the Mac, Windows, or Web app version. One of those options probably pops out as an obvious choice, but as I recently discovered, the least-obvious solution is sometimes the best one. My wife and I are both professional writers. A few months ago, on the advice of our accountant, we reorganized our small business as a corporation. We agreed to endure a considerable amount of extra paperwork in exchange for significant financial and legal benefits. Accountants love QuickBooks (even if authors don’t) Our accountant all but insisted that we use QuickBooks so that she could easily view and update our financial records.

QuickBooks - Financial management and accounting for small. Years and I am now learning that Intuit will not be supporting Mac OS 10.12 Sierra. On a 2013 MacPro, booted, purchased and downloaded Quickbooks for Mac. Learn & Support Page Downloads & Updates. Downloads & Updates. Get a trial version ProAdvisors. Download QuickBooks Desktop. QuickBooks Online QuickBooks Desktop QuickBooks Desktop for Mac QuickBooks Self-Employed Accountants Payroll GoPayment QuickBooks Point of Sales Desktop QuickBooks contact us TurboTax.

However, I don’t like that the Mac versions of both QuickBooks and Quicken have for years lagged behind the Windows versions, and I find that expensive annual updates rarely add crucial features. Recently, I also learned about the. Despite my misgivings, I agreed to use QuickBooks to keep my accountant happy.

Initially, I assumed I’d buy the ( ), but when I read Macworld’s review, I discovered that the app’s data files aren’t cross-platform compatible. So if I wanted to share data with my Windows-using accountant, I’d have to back up my data in QuickBooks for Windows format and send her that file, which she could then “restore.” Once she finished with the file, she would send it back to me and I could reimport it.

But in the meantime I wouldn’t be able to make any changes to my company’s data, because unlike QuickBooks for Windows, QuickBooks for Mac has no way to merge an accountant’s changes into an existing file. Well, I thought, I’ll just buy the. After all, I have Windows 7 running on my Mac thanks to ( ). But before I clicked the Buy button, I saw the fine print about licensing, which changed my mind. The Mac and Windows versions of QuickBooks 2013 cost the same—$250—for a single-user license.


But we would have two users—my wife and I would both need to work in QuickBooks, sometimes concurrently, on different computers. Whether or not it would have been technologically feasible for us to share a license, I prefer to stick to the letter of the law. So we would have had to pay $500, not counting the cost of future upgrades.

Outwitting file-format foibles online Then I noticed another option on the QuickBooks website:, which is essentially most of QuickBooks rolled into a Web app. We wouldn’t have to mess with Windows software, or with exporting and importing files, and our accountant could access our data over the Web, too. QuickBooks Online can perform nearly all the functions of the desktop version of QuickBooks, including producing a wide range of reports. Web apps typically offer less-convenient interfaces than desktop apps, but in this case, the cost won me over. Pricing for QuickBooks Online ranges from $13 to $79 per month, depending on the features you need.