If you want to check the total amount you owe in sales tax before making a payment, run a Sales Tax Liability report from the Vendors and Payables section of the QuickBooks 'Reports' menu. Quickbooks for mac pay sales tax. We've improved how sales tax is managed to make it easier for you to collect, report and pay your sales tax. Check out the new Sales Tax Center — a one-stop spot for managing all your sales tax tasks. Add multiple sales tax rates, including combined rates. EXPERT TIP: In QuickBooks Mac 2014 and above, the “Pay Sales Tax” function allows the user to select a credit card account to make sales tax payments. Prior versions only allowed for sales tax payments from bank accounts. I recently converted from a desktop version of quickbooks to quickbooks for Mac. I used to have two invoice templates, one for those customers not paying sales tax, thus no sales tax line on the invoices, and one for those customers paying a sales tax.

Google Chrome feature shortcuts; To do this Press this; Opens the Chrome menu which lets you customize and control settings in Google Chrome. Alt+F or Alt+E or F10: Toggles the bookmarks bar on and off.

Google Chrome shortcuts are like watching the Olympics on TV: You watch an action on your screen happen much faster and more efficiently than you could ever do on your own. In this case, though, you get to reap the benefits of the game because you are the winner. Below are 13 keyboard shortcuts and 4 tools to work faster all day long. (If you’re a PC user, substitute in Ctrl for Command.) 13 Easy Chrome Shortcuts That Make You Move Faster 1. Faster tab navigation For those times when you find yourself with one million tabs open Command + option + ▶ or ◀ to move left to right within your tabs, click-free.

Or you can move around to a specific tab without clicking at all. Here’s the Chrome shortcut: Command + 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 2. The oopsy-override: Bringing back that tab you just closed Command + shift + T You can also get a tool called Quick Tabs (see Tools section below) to quickly pull up your open tabs, history, and bookmarks. When your Chrome tab gets a brain freeze — Hard refresh Command + r to reload 4. When you’re lost in a sea of windows Command + m to minimize the window you’re on. When you need a little privacy in a world of data tracking Command + shift + n for private browsing Shift + command + delete for clear browsing 6. When you want to switch sites faster: You’ve got a fast car Just type the Chrome shortcut command + l to jump to the url bar (That’s L, not i) 7.

When you want to make a memory: Bookmark without clicking Command + d to bookmark the current page. When you want to find and seek faster Command + f 9. When you want to master Gmail (It has 33 Chrome shortcuts for your inbox).

For the times you want to start a new chapter Command + n to open a new window. Command + t to open a new tab. Print, save, or send your page — super speed(il)y. Command + p to print. Command + s to save. Command + shift + i to send by email.

In the pursuit of faster browsing If you want to open a new tab: Command + click link. Or to open a new window: shift + click for new window instead of new tab. When you’re at a dead end: Get outta there faster Hasta la vista, baby: Command + w to close the tab. The thing is, keyboard shortcuts can be bandaids for a deeper issue. That’s why tools for Chrome are better; they solve the main problem.

For instance, pressing “c” in Gmail is one of those Google Chrome shortcuts that saves you 3 seconds per email. But, there’s a tool that can save you. Below are three to make your life easier than shortcuts alone can. Yesware — To save your messaging and send emails faster Introducing Templates — Save the messaging you keep writing with placeholders for individual use. Plus, a of Yesware gives you: • A new button in your Email Compose view that inserts your calendar availability so you don’t have to • An email scheduler that lets you pick a time to send when your recipient is reading • Reminders that watch for replies and ping you to follow up with no-replies Quick Tabs — Find your most-recently-used tabs faster Sometimes, you want to find more than your recently closed tab. Whether it’s seeing open tabs with full titles or digging up a page you visited two days ago — it’s easier to have it in one place.

Which is why there’s a tool for your most recently used (MRU) tabs that pulls up all open tabs with more text so you can read. It lets you search your bookmarks and history — you just add 1 space (or 3, respectively) before you type your search. Once you have the tool, here’s your shortcut to pull it up in your window: Command + e for mac or Control + e on PC Grammarly — To proofread your email and browser writing You know that feeling when you press “send” on an email and then immediately catch a typo?

There’s a way to prevent that. It’s a tool called, and it checks your writing for typos and grammar faux pas. The best part: Spell-check applies to any Chrome browser tab that you type content into. (This includes Gmail emails) And it sends you a weekly report of how you’re doing. Here’s mine:.