Create a distribution list: Outlook 2011 for Mac If you often send messages to the same group of people, it may be beneficial to create a group that can be used as a distribution list. • Open Outlook 2011. At the bottom of the navigation pane, click Contacts. • On the Home tab, click Contact Group.

Sharing A Distribution List On Microsoft Outlook For Mac

• Type the name of your new distribution list where it says Untitled Group. Note: Do NOT select 'Use BBC to hide member information.' If you want to keep the email list private, add the distribution list to the BCC line when sending an email. • Add the names of contacts that you would like included in this list. Type the Name and Email Address in the fields provided, either manually or by using the Global Address List. • When you are finished adding names, click the Save & Close button.

You will be returned to your Contacts window. The group appears in your Outlook contacts, and you can send messages to the group exactly as you would to one person.

Mac / Office 365 for business; Answer. To go to the AutoRecovery folder and check the unsaved Word file, please do the following steps: Paste defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES in Terminal (Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal). Copy the Auto-recovery file to desktop. Looking at the preferences I realized that there was no path for saving 'autorecovery' files determined, however, autosafe (10min) was checked. What seems to be the correct place to look is the 'containers' etc. Folder in 'library'. In that folder there are only two older files. But now I am using Office 365, and I can’t find the AutoRecovery folder anywhere where is it? Answer: You might have guessed: nowadays, the AutoRecovery-folder is located in an entirely different location on your Mac. Outlook 365 desktop for mac autorecovery folder.

I've been thinking about this too long. Time to ENGAGE THE HIVE MIND!:-) I have a client that has a mixture of OS platforms (Mac/Windows) and Email clients (Mac Outlook, Mac Mail, Windows Outlook, Google Web UI, etc.) and various Servers (Exchange 2010/Google).

A user maintains a 'Contact Group' within her Outlook. She wants some sort of process that would allow fairly easy editing and distribution of said list. I keep running into brick walls: 1. Ntfs for mac refund status

Outlook 2011 (Mac) doesn't support Contact Groups in Exchange-based Contacts. Besides not everyone is on Exchange. (There is a fairly ugly 'On my Mac' workaround, which is a fall back, but. Well, read on.) 2. She could send a PST file, but that would not help the users who use Outlook. She can't export a CSV file because, oh look at that (!), Outlook 2010/2013 can't export a group to CSV.

Press the 'Update Now' button in the toolbar along the top of the pop-up window. Outlook now goes through the members of the distribution list and updates all necessary contact information. Click 'Save and Close' to save the distribution list and return to the main Outlook window.

(Best it can do is text which you can marginally bring into Excel by a customized CSV import.) 4. I can't give her the ability to edit Exchange Distribution Lists since not everyone is on that Exchange server and not everyone uses Outlook. (I wonder, though, could she do this and then publish the Groups as CardDAV?) We don't mind moving to something entirely different. In fact, we may simply recreate the list as a CSV file which she'll distribute around and let each user deal with the idiosyncrasies of their email client and/or platform.