Some Safari extensions that block ads or other website content can prevent some page elements from displaying. You can temporarily turn off extensions, then re-load the page to see if this is the issue. • Choose Safari > Preferences. • Click Extensions. • Select an extension, then deselect the checkbox 'Enable extension.'

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Repeat this step for every extension that's currently installed. Reload the page by choosing Choose View > Reload in Safari. If the webpage loads correctly, one or more extensions was blocking the content from loading. Re-enable an extension, then reload the page again to determine which extension is blocking the content you want to view. If the website still doesn't load with all of your extensions disabled, try the next steps in this article. If only one webpage or website isn't working, you can remove data related to that site to see if it fixes the issue.

If you are trying to update an older machine running Snow Leopard or Lion, then you can get a special version of El Capitan from the App Store. This version of El Capitan is for users running OS X Snow Leopard or OS X Lion who would like to upgrade to macOS High Sierra. Mac App Store Speciality level out of ten: 0. Question: Q: Question: Q: How do I download older versions of apps? Hi all, I recently purchased a 2007 Mac Mini running OSX 10.7 Lion to use as a home server. I'd like to install Mac OS X Server onto it, except the App Store is not letting me download a previous version of Server that works. Get them all ' app older versions for mac's.

Use these steps to remove cookies, cache, and other data stored by Safari for a specific site: • Choose Safari > Preferences. • Click the Privacy icon.

• Click the Details button. • Search for the name or domain of the website whose data you want to remove. • In the results list, click the domain (like that has data you want to remove. • Click Remove. • When you're finished, click Done and close the preferences window. If you used the feature of Safari when visiting a website, you might not see the site listed here.

In OS X Yosemite, you can delete website data for the past hour, or past few days if websites or pages stopped loading recently. • Choose History > Clear History and Website Data. • In the sheet that appears, choose the range of data you want to remove from the Clear pop-up menu.

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• Click Clear History. If you want to remove website data for all of the sites and pages you've ever visited, choose 'all history' from the Clear pop-up menu. The option to Remove All Website Data in the Privacy pane of Safari preferences does this, too. These options also reset your.

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