As a Mac user there once were few choices when it came to CAD/BIM applications. With Apple's popularity, more and more formerly Windows only CAD apps are finding their way back to the Mac. The big fish in the pond of CAD for Mac is Autodesk with their AutoCAD for Mac, which after a 17 year gap, came back to the Mac in 2011.

Architecture Software. Home design software for Mac & Windows with a diverse floor plan & 3D editing tools to bridge the gap between ideas and visualization.

Recently joining this surge was BricsCAD (). But the question remains, what's the best CAD/BIM software for the Mac? Well, the team over at has compiled a comprehensive list, with detailed explanations for each option that will help you define what your needs are and select the application that will best fit those needs. Best git gui for mac.

Check out their excellent summary of ' post. To continue the conversation, join the for help from those that use many of these applications.

(Updated April 2018) Architecture undergraduate students must have their own computer by the Fall Semester of their second year. Architecture graduate students must have their own computer by the Fall Semester of their first year. Windows-capable computers are strongly recommended for Architecture students. The School of Architecture at North Carolina State University sees computers and digital media as powerful tools through which architectural ideas can be developed, presented, explored and evaluated. As such, the computer and its associated technology broaden the repertoire of media available to the designer.


The Architecture faculty believes that students should be proficient in the use of all available media, from pencil and paper to virtual reality, and should be able to knowingly switch from one mode of design work to another with ease. Architecture students are introduced to computers as design tools in the Fall Semester of their sophomore year of the undergraduate (BEDA) curriculum, or first semester of the graduate program. Before that, undergraduate students are introduced to conventional design tools in First Year Experience design studios. The Architecture faculty realizes that computers are as useful in a variety of learning environments (lecture and seminar rooms, travel studies, and even at home), as well as the design studio. To be equally viable with traditional media in varied settings, the technology must be fully portable. Therefore, the School of Architecture requires that students purchase a Windows-capable laptop personal computer and associated software as listed below.

Undergraduate students should have the computers ready to use for required coursework at the beginning of the Fall Semester of their sophomore year. Graduate students should have their computer ready to use for required coursework at the beginning of their first semester. The Architecture faculty prefers not to base hardware specifications on a particular operating system, but on the capabilities that are needed to support the necessary software.