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Mimecast Email Security. Comprehensive security protection for business email Email security is a critical defense against hackers seeking to capture and exploit valuable corporate information and disrupt business operations. Mimecast Email Security uses sophisticated, multi-layered detection engines and intelligence to protect email data and users from malware, spam, advanced threats and other unknown attacks. Our advanced cloud security platform provides flexible and granular email security controls and configuration capabilities, with the benefit of cloud resilience and scale, to deliver comprehensive inbound email security. The same integrated platform ensures privacy and secrecy of sensitive or confidential information in email. Protecting it in transit and preventing unauthorized leakage. • Advanced threat protection detects and stops emerging and known email-borne threats before they can cause damage.

• Flexible policy management allows fine scale control over all email routing, handling and quarantine rules. • Cloud delivery means always-on protection without the complexity and cost of traditional point solution offerings. • Mobile and desktop apps allow employees to self-serve for defined security needs, reducing the burden on the IT team. • Advanced email security tools such as encryption and secure sending for added peace of mind. Data sheet for Mimecast Email Security. Mimecast Enterprise Information Archiving Archive business email and data safely in the cloud Growing compliance and legal requirements are driving the need for improved retention and discovery, but the fragmentation of email, file and instant messaging data diminishes its value, creates data integrity risk and increases costs.

The Mimecast Enterprise Information Archive simplifies information retention, in the cloud, to mitigate information governance, e-discovery, litigation and compliance risks. A single, secure, tampered-resistant cloud archive retains data perpetually with strong chains of custody, and delivers fast and reliable discovery. Employees have rapid access to their complete archive to boost productivity, with comprehensive search from the desktop and mobile apps. Live and rapidly ingested legacy data is stored in geographically defined regions and coupled with 100% service availability and search SLAs to provide confidence that critical information can always be accessed on demand, according to legal and employee needs. • Instantly retain valuable business data and intellectual property. • Comprehensive information governance, e-discovery, litigation and compliance support. • 100% service availability and search SLAs for peace-of-mind.


• Improve employee productivity with rapid access to their archive information from easy to use desktop and mobile apps. • Eliminate on-premises legacy storage complexity and costs. Data sheet on Mimecast Email Archiving. Mimecast Mailbox Continuity Keep business email working when primary systems fail Email continuity is vital to protecting communication, work-flows, and access to business information. Mimecast Mailbox Continuity cuts the cost and complexity of eliminating the impact of primary on-premises or cloud email system downtime for employees, providing uninterrupted access to live and historic email and calendar information from the Mimecast Cloud. Integration with Microsoft Outlook, a native app for Mac users and a full suite of mobile apps provide seamless access for optimum productivity. Protecting against system failure, natural disasters, the impact of planned maintenance and the risk inherent in system upgrades and migrations has never been simpler.