New here, just thought I'd share a few tools I found floating around on the net. One of them is an SP1200 emulator. It comes with a few drum kits, plus you can load up to eight samples into it.

Its a PC VST. Its called the SD 2100 By Acquit Records. Gives samples that 12 bit sound, and its pretty close to a real SP. And the best thing, its free!

The 5 Best Windows Emulator for Mac (Free & Paid) August 7, 2018 by Dan Norris Choosing to use a Mac doesn’t mean you have to leave behind Windows OS and all of the software. May 3, 2013 - MPC Maid ('MM') is a software editor for the Akai MPC 500, MPC 1000, and MPC 2500. It is Mac, PC, and Linux-compliant and makes the.

Another one is for the Mac heads here. Its a standalone program that functions something like an MPC. It has 16 pads, you can load up to 96 samples into it, it has a 96 track sequencer with swing, reverb, a few sample editing paramteres, etc. You can even play the pads from the computer keyboard.

Plus it has a few built in keyboard sounds in it. And best of all, it also loads MPC PGM and SND files from the 2000 and 3000.

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It called the RS-16X and it costs 34.95. The cat who did this also did a joint that lets you make MPC PGMs on your computer. That's Mac only too. And my personal favorite is iDrum. Its a step sequencer/drum sampler. You can load as many drum sounds as you want, plus it has a filter, envelope, and you can repitch the sample.

Also you can take the sample down to 12 bits if you want, and it is supposed to sound like a 60, but I never compared them (because I don't have a 60). It can run as an AU plugin or standalone (Mac only).

I use it on my laptop on my way to work to bang out beats in my spare time. The sequencer has up to 64 steps and MPC style swing. This one is fun!

Also they make a sample chopper called pHATmatik Pro. That shit is hot!

Mpc Emulator Mac

You can load up a sample, like for instance say you sample 30 seconds of a a record, and you wanna chop it up. You can just load the whole thing into phatmatik, and you can do all the chops right there in the plugin, without having to put it in your sample editor and all that. This one is PC and Mac. Cannot edit excel in mac. Also theres a lot more sample choppers around.

Just go to and look through their database.

It took me some furious Googling, but finally found a free MPC-ish type drum machine, sampler, sequencer online that runs as a VST plugin! Is a really awesome piece of software that is fully free and will run on any windows DAW.

The title is very misleading, since it’s not a looper at all, but is really a cross between an MPC sampler and a Roland Groovebox. You can easily assign samples to different “pads” then just as easily map them to your midi controller of choice by simply right clicking each pad and selecting map from the submenu. It also has a filter, fx, and a groovebox function. I personally don’t see much use to having a sequencer in the plugin itself since you’ll already be loading it into a host DAW anyway, but still cool I guess if you wanted to run a very simple host and use Nasty Looper for live performance.