Use the following instructions to install and set up Cura for Mac for your Robo C2 and Robo R2. After the initial setup, open Cura and you will see an 'Add a printer' window. Rename the printer to 'Robo C2' or 'Robo R2' in the bottom of this dialogue box and click 'Add Printer'.

@choban MatterHackers provides a custom version of MatterControl to RoBo 3D for use with their printers. In general the software stays in sync with latest MatterControl features and improvements, but sometimes special updates are requested by the Robo team. The current Robo version is for PC, for Mac. CuraEngine and Slic3r are both currently slice engine options within MatterControl.

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MatterSlice is another slice engine option - and in fact the default recommended engine. MatterSlice does not have separate version numbers and gets updated along with MatterControl. Firmware updating is currently turned off, we are working with the Robo team to prepare another firmware update.

If you ever have any general MatterControl questions, please feel free to post them here! I have a Robo R1, new version with enclose bottom. I just upgraded my MatterContol to 1.1.7 and I use MatterSlice. When I connect to my printer I see that the firmware on the Ramps Ardunio card is Robo3dR1AutoV1. Does MatterContol decide what firmware to load onto the Ramps card.

Reason I'm asking is I would like to make some changes to the firmware for a new hot end, I know how to upload the Ardunio software to the Ramps card, but will MatterControl override the firmware I'm uploading with a future release of their software. I'm having a little confusion between what MatterControl support is saying about what firmware to upgrade to and what Robo support is saying to use. • MatterControl support tells me the latest firmware for the 8mm rod R1 Robo printer is ROBO3DR1V2. I can have MatterControl automatically upload this firmware to the Robo printer by changing the printer model name in MatterControl. Is there a way to modify the configuration.H file and still use you method to upload the ROBO3DR1V2 firmware to the Robo printer • Robo support has told me to download a folder called d and use Arduino software to upload the files needed to the Robo printer: These files are for the Robo R1 with Auto Level and 8mm Rods Firmware File There are 2 Arduino files in this folder: Auto_Level_7_17_8mm and Marlin, along with a lot of other files.

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Is the file ROBO3DR1V2 the same as Auto_Level_7_17_8mm. What is the Marlin file in this folder. When I upload this file to the Robo printer and look at the firmware thru MatterControl what name will I see (Auto_Level_7_17_mm or ROBO3DR1V2) and does it matter what name is there. Sorry for the confusion - the name 'ROBO3DR1V2' and 'ROBO3DR1AUTOV5' actually refer to what is read by MC as the firmware version name and may not refer to the file names that are being passed around. If you check the configuration.h file there is a line that shows the version name: define CUSTOM_MENDEL_NAME [firmware version name] The 1.2 MatterControl update for Robo now allows you to upload an arbitrary firmware (.hex) file. It will also give you an opportunity to install the most updated (standard) version of the firmware for your printer if you have a version that is out of date. So no need to use the method I mentioned earlier (changing the model name) to get the update.

If you are modifying the firmware my recommendation would be that you change the name (in the place I mentioned above) so that MC knows not to try to update you back to an unmodified version when an update becomes available. These are the different folders and files I have downloaded, the second line is the name assigned in configuration.H 'define CUSTOM_MENDEL_NAME'. Are you saying that number 1. Are the same, still confused??? In an above post you say the following: For all 8mm rod R1 models ROBO3DR1V2 should be the active firmware and for the 5/16th rods ROBO3DR1AUTOV5 should be active.