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•: • Binaries: Website Visual Studio Code a Microsoft branded under based on an and free Microsoft developed by for,. It includes support for, embedded control,,,,. It is also customizable, so users can change the editor's,, and preferences. It is, although the official download is under a. Visual Studio Code is based on, a framework which is used to deploy applications for the desktop running on the. Although it uses the Electron framework, the software does not use and instead employs the same editor component (codenamed 'Monaco') used in (formerly called Visual Studio Online).

In the 2018 Developer Survey, Visual Studio Code was ranked the most popular developer environment tool, with 34.9% of 75,398 respondents claiming to use it. Visual Studio Code 1.17 logo Visual Studio Code is a. It supports a number of programming languages and a set of features that may or may not be available for a given language, as shown in the following table. Many of Visual Studio Code features are not exposed through menus or the user interface. Rather, they are accessed via the command palette or via a. File (e.g., user preferences). The command palette is a.

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However, it disappears if the user clicks anywhere outside it or presses a key combination on the keyboard to interact with something outside it. When this happens, the command in progress is cancelled.

In the role of a source code editor, Visual Studio Code allows changing the in which the active document is saved, (a choice between LF and CRLF), and the programming language of the active document. 12 September 2018. Retrieved April 6, 2018. Retrieved 17 July 2017. 17 November 2015. Retrieved 16 August 2016.

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If you don’t wish to send usage data to Microsoft, you can set the telemetry.enableTelemetry setting to false. From the original on 4 November 2016. Retrieved 4 November 2016. • External links [ ] • • on • • •.