Mac users that have huge mailboxes (over 50GBs) or mailboxes with a large number of messages (over a million), when converted and when trying to login to Outlook for the 1st time (when we used Google no one used Outlook), their clients will crash after some time due to the size/amount of mail. Outlook is trying to cache everything and can't.

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How big and long can you go with Outlook? As usual with Microsoft Office, there are no simple answers to some of these questions.

Outlook itself has few size limits because the PST/OST system has been adapted over time to expand way beyond current needs. But Outlook can appear to be limited but it’s really obeying external factors like the limits set by mail hosts.

Modern Outlook is very accommodating. Most people will never have to worry about growing beyond Outlook storage limits.

There are limits on incoming and outgoing messages but, with one exception noted below, those are restrictions by the mail hosting service not Outlook. Let’s start with a common question from the Outlook-curious. The Past and Future Calendar Outlook’s Calendar can handle dates over almost 2,900 years.

Appointments and Tasks can be dated from 1 April 1601 through to 31 August 4500 That should be enough for most people. The year 1601 start may be partly because of the switch to the Gregorian calendar that from 1582. Dates before 1582 have to negotiate the difference between Julian and Gregorian dates which would be too much for Outlook to handle. Largest Outgoing Email Maximum outgoing mail size isn’t just set by Outlook. The size of messages is mostly governed by the email hosts – sending and receiving. But Outlook has its own hard limit for outgoing messages that are sent via SMTP or IMAP.

Each email host has a size limit on incoming and outgoing messages. For example, and Gmail it’s 25MB. However, Outlook 2010 and later will stop any outgoing message (SMTP or IMAP) that’s over 20MB. That applies even if the email host allows larger messages.

You’ll get the message ‘Attachment size exceeds allowable limit’. Exchange Server and Office 365 mail hosting are controlled by the administrator. Outlook will use whatever limits are setup in Exchange Server. Office 365 hosting defaults to 25MB but the administrator can increase that to 150MB.

Other Exchange Server systems will depend on the network admin, so ask them. Broadly, the default for Exchange Server 2016 is 35MB. Exchange Server limits can be complicated by organizational limit, send connector limit and any limit set by anti-virus/anti-spam software. Largest Item Each item in Outlook (calendar, contact etc.) can be very big. The attachments to an item can be many and large.

We could not find any indication of limits for an individual Outlook item. We’ve had Outlook running with a 1GB attachment to a single item and it worked normally. (In fact, Peter forgot the mega-attachment was there for over a year!) That’s not something we’d recommend but it’s reassuring to know that Outlook can handle a lot more than most people will throw at it. Similarly, there’s no apparent limit to the number of attachments to a single Outlook item.