Free puzzle games for mac os x. Quick Steps are a godsend for email power users. Rather than sorting through an inbox of junk to find just a few gems you might need, Quick Steps makes it easy to set up filers, automate repetitive actions, and just generally keep a tidy inbox. While filters are the most commonly used Quick Step, the tool itself is powerful enough to just about anything you’d need it to.

Today, we’re going to keep it simple and show you how to sort email to a specific folder within Outlook using Quick Steps and a Windows hot key combination. Open Outlook and click the Quick Steps button under the Home tab. Click New Quick Step and then Move to Folder. Name the action, and then choose the appropriate folder to move your mail to. You can create a new one if necessary by choosing Other Folder > New.

Outlook for mac quick steps

Uncheck the box ‘Mark as Read’ if you’d rather keep an accurate unread email count. Click Finish. Click the Quick Steps button again and then Manage Quick Steps. Select the appropriate folder, and click Edit.

From the Shortcut key dropdown, select your preferred keyboard shortcut. You can also add Tooltip text, which will display a message or description when you hover over the Quick Step. Click Save and then OK. To use the Quick Step, just select an email and use your keyboard shortcut, or click the appropriate icon from the Quick Step menu.

Add Quick Steps to MS Outlook 2016 for Mac Please add Quick Steps to MS Outlook 2016 for Mac. It's very useful to save time on repeated actions and common tasks for the work day. Macos - Outlook quick-steps functionality on Mac - Ask. Outlook quick-steps functionality on Mac. Ask Question. I had to move to using a Mac and I'm sorely missing this feature in Outlook 2011 for Mac.

By By now, you’ve no doubt noticed that some Outlook actions take multiple clicks of the mouse to complete, such as the process of replying to a message and then deleting it. That’s not a big deal if you only perform a particular action every once in a while, but if it’s something you do regularly in Outlook, it can quickly become a pain. If you do certain tasks on a regular basis, Outlook’s Quick Steps feature can come to your rescue. Quick Steps lets you reduce multistep tasks to a single click of the mouse. You’ll find Quick Steps in the Mail module, sitting in the middle of the Ribbon’s Home tab. Even though the Quick Steps box is visible only when using the Mail module, you can use Quick Steps to speed up actions with most of Outlook’s modules, such as Calendar or Tasks. When you first install Outlook, the Quick Steps box already has six Quick Steps in it: • Move To: Use this Quick Step if you frequently move messages to a specific folder.