QuickBooks Online has had good iOS apps for accessing your QuickBooks Online data and now they’ve released the QuickBooks app for Mac, a free tool that brings your QuickBooks Online account to. Free QuickBooks User Manuals and Guides Best Free QuickBooks Guides for QuickBooks Mac and PC users. QuickBooks For Windows. Quick User Guide QuickBooks 2016. This guide is going to help you get paid, pay others, and see how your business is doing. Use it to learn key tasks and get up and running as fast as possible.

I've always worked on a Mac as that's what was available to me. Now that I will be starting from scratch.what is the industry preference? I will be taking courses to gain some credentials but none of the classes I've looked at mention platform. I plan to specialize in QuickBooks as I have been using it on Mac for years. What should I be looking for to give me the flexibility I may need? Any advice appreciated!

Hi Grainne, Hmmm you say you work out of Ontario but Intuit Canada QuickBooks desktop does not have a Mac version. Were you working in QuickBooks Online by chance? It is functional on any PC or Mac. The choice of browser is what is important. In Canada the desktop versions of QuickBooks and Sage are the two software programs most favored by self-employed bookkeepers catering to small businesses. However with cloud accounting opening up over the past few years, there are a lot more options available, each with their own unique solutions. Some of the software is best suited to startup businesses such as WAVE or Kashoo.

In Excel I keep getting glitches when I try to scroll in any direction (only the first movement glitches and then it is ok). Very annonying. Also, after typing in a formula I get a value of zero and after some time the actual value is finally calculated. Excel for mac tutorial.

Others address certain aspects of bookkeeping such as accounts receivable or payables. FreshBooks for example is geared to service businesses not product businesses. I will admit I keep an eye for online accounting software improvements; have tried a few but still favor QuickBooks desktop at this time (August 2014) when doing a professional set of books. When looking for which accounting software you will support in Canada, place the handling of sales tax (GST/HST/PST) at the top of your list. Of course bank reconciliation capabilities are a must as well. As being able to close a set of books to prevent further data entry.

I always get nervous when employed bookkeeping clerks want to strike out on their own without any formal bookkeeping training. Especially when transitioning. I commend you for taking courses and hope you follow through on your formal training. Please consider also joining a bookkeeping association such as IPBC as 'book' training does not always transition to 'real' world problems such as lack of paperwork, mixing business and personal funds, etc. Self-employed bookkeepers have to be conversant with GAAP, sales tax, payroll tax and the income tax schedule T2125 if they want their work to hold up under a government audit.