August 7, 2011 Back in the day, a company called Connectix produced a great Playstation emulator for Mac OSX called Virtual Game Station. Sony stepped in and bought the company out and shut them down. It is fairly easy to find the demo on the internet, but I’ve found something better. I found a couple different files. CVGS seems like the installer for the Full Version, otherwise there is also an original copy of the disc that was produced at the time. Download either or and see if it works out for you but remember, it only works for folks using OS9 with Power PC Apple computers.

Some folks with Intel based OSX computers have gotten it to load up in SheepShaver, but they haven’t gotten it to run a game yet. Download the files in the Box File Widget or from the following links. (Archive of Playstation Emulators for Mac). July 31, 2011 QMC2 is a GUI for use with SDL MAME and MESS.

Quicktime player for mac not supported chrome. SDL MAME is much easier to use with a good front end. Just point and click. It originally started as one of the first front ends for UNIX. Go check out their and pick up the app.

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Apr 13, 2009 - the games run on a computer chip based pn the IBM PowerPC technology. Hell, even PS2 emulation is still far from complete, eave Sony had problems. Exclusively, until OS/X and Intel became part of Apple's Mac line. Looking for a PS2 Emulator for mac. Discussion in 'Games' started by doucy2, Sep 24, 2005. Most Liked Posts. There is a Mac emulator for that, but it can't do much. Share Share on. The PowerPC 750, as used in the PowerMac G3.

Download the latest build of QMC2 for Mac OS X (x86) here: Qt-wise, the package is self-contained, that is it already includes the Qt 4 framework (4.7.3). You only need to additionally install the (1.2.14), which is required for MAME & MESS anyway on that platform. The binaries require Mac OS X 10.4 or higher and have been created and tested on 10.6 (x86 architecture). If you need binaries for a different platform, you’ll have to build them from source (explained in ). Please note that there’s a Qt/Phonon bug that may cause a post-mortem crash on exit, which you can safely ignore (though it may be annoying). If it happens to you, there’s nothing we can do about it, but you can disable the annoying crash report dialog if you will: $ defaults write DialogType none To re-enable the crash report, just replace none with prompt. You may also look here for builds of intermediate/test releases (and the latest final release).

This is the comprehensive guide to installing and running pcsx2/mac on your mac. The process is straightforward, let’s first install all necessary packages • NVidia CG framework Download the package for Mac OS X. Mount the disk image and double-click on the installer.

Follow the instruction to install the Framework. • xQuartz – This is not needed for Snow Leopard release To run Pcsx2, you need X11 but not the one that comes with Leopard/Tiger.

You can download the latest release of X11 from the. Double-click on the package to install it.

• PCSX2/mac + plugins The latest package is for Snow Leopard. This will install all the necessary runtime libs and put the application bundle into your /Applications folder. The rest is as simple as double clicking it. You can also find the Leopard package All troubleshooting/running questions – please ask at forums –. May 23, 2011 Virtual Box was updated recently and now sits at version 4.0.8. It was released on the 16th of May 2011.

You can download the parts (I had to split it up) from the Box File Widget or from their. Here are some of the changes that were made. This is a maintenance release.

April 27, 2011 Boxer, a dos emulator for Mac OSX, saw an update a week ago. It’s “The Dos game emulator that’s fit for your Mac”. It now sits at version 1.0.2. Download it from the Box File Widget on the right hand side of this blog, or from their.