Norton updates every 5-15 mins has really good detection rates. Mcafee updates every day good detection rates. Ca updates every day poor detection rates. Norton is the better one out of the three but prevx is better. Just buy them with cheap price and test them by yourself. Kasper sky Internet Security 2009 Norton 360 3.0 Version McAfee VirusScan Enterprise

May 2, 2018 - Not only are products like TotalAV relatively useless on Macs, but they have. Software from untrusted sources, and use other safe computing. Dec 21, 2018 - We picked Bitdefender Antivirus Plus as the best overall antivirus. If you need antivirus software for Mac computers, we suggest using Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac. Trend Micro also blocks automatic virus downloads from even starting. Other security tools, like safe banking or social media scanning,.

I have a great deal of trouble with the mouse click in Excel (Version 15.22). I have to move the mouse out of the cell I'm working in, click on a cell far away from it several times, and then come back and try it again. In reply to: Re:Re:Enter text in Excel without a mouse You asked 'enter new data in a text cell', and you got an excellent answer to that. The answer to your new question is F2. Access a cell in excel for mac without a mouse a cookie. Let’s look at Rule #1: Never use the mouse. Using the keyboard can be 10 times faster than the mouse. It takes time to move one hand from the keyboard to the mouse, locate the item you want to click at, move the mouse there, adjust it finely so it’s pointing at the exact spot, and then click it.

When you double click on drives can not open it goes to search option it means if right click the drive frist it showing search may it worm virus how to open when double click please get me back. Ans: == To correct and solve this error, follow this steps: Run Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del or r ight click on Taskbar) Stop wscript.exe process if available by highlighting the process name and clicking End Process. Then terminate explorer.exe process. In Task Manager, click on File -> New Task. Type 'cmd' (without quotes) into the Open text box and click OK. Type the following command one by one followed by hitting Enter key: del c: autorun.* /f /s /q /a del d: autorun.* /f /s /q /a del e: autorun.* /f /s /q /a c, d, e each represents drive letters on Windows system. If there are more drives or partitions available, continue to command by altering to other drive letter.

Note that you must also clean the autorun files from USB flash drive or portable hard disk as the external drive may also be infected. In Task Manager, click on File -> New Task. Type 'regedit' (without quotes) into the Open text box and click OK. Navigate to the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion Winlogon Check if the value name and value data for the key is correct (the value data of userint.exe include the path which may be different than C drive, which is also valid, note also the comma which is also needed): 'Userinit'='C: WINDOWS system32 userinit.exe,' If the value is incorrent, modify it to the valid value data.