The emulator, which is an official release from Tencent, developer of the iOS and Android versions of PUBG, allows players on PC to enjoy the game using mouse and keyboard controls. Download and Play PUBG MOBILE Online on PC – Windows and Mac 4.2 (84.07%) 59 votes PUBG is among one of the most exciting mobile game that the market is offering.

Best Android Emulator for Windows PC:- Android Emulators are getting famous thanks to the popularity of Android OS. From Developers to Gamers, everyone uses it for some reasons. Developers use the Android Emulator to test apps on PC and Gamers use it to play their favorite Android games on the larger screen. The most important reason for the growth of the Emulators is its ability to run Android Games, games like PUBG Mobile have become quite famous and everyone loves playing them on a larger screen of their PC. Now coming to this article, we have listed the Top Best Android Emulators in this list of 9 Best Android Emulator for PC. If you want to read about Best iOS Emulator for Android then you can.

BlueStacks is probably the most famous Android Emulator in this list. It has a simple user interface and has lots of features. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac. The reason for its popularity is that it was the first Android emulator that worked well, better than its competitors. It is easy to set up and has key mapping, along with that it has Play Store and its own App Store for downloading apps and games. It runs on Android Nougat, which is the most recent version of Android on an emulator.

Having all those features, it makes it a heavy emulator and thus it lags sometimes. However, the latest version of BlueStacks named as BlueStack 4 has a lot of improvements and works well. BlueStacks has been in the market for a long time and is mainly used by gamers who want to play Android games on their computers. It has the most features among the emulators and thus it is on our list. Although it is free it comes with a lot of Ads and to remove them, the premium version costs around $24 a year.

NOX App Player is the next emulator on our list. This emulator is mostly suited and targeted for gamers. The emulator allows the mapping of keys, which is very much helpful in gaming.

It also allows the Users to do the settings and specify the CPU and RAM usage. It also allows us to assign the gesture movements like swipe right etc. It can run all the Android apps and is mostly suited for playing games like PUBG.

NOX emulator is based on Android KitKat. It doesn't have any Ads, that makes it completely free to use. The interface is also easy to understand and doesn't require much time to learn. The problem with Nox is that it gives more load on the system that doesn't allow many apps to run together. Droid4X is an emulator that targets gamers who want to play casual and simple android games on their computers. The emulator is very simple to use and promotes itself as an emulator for the gamers.

It works even on the Mac OS. Pdf It works on touchscreen computers and has the gamepad configuration features too. The emulator is not in development right now and had its last update in 2016.

This is a good emulator for simple gaming and for using productivity apps on it. Because it is not in the development, there may be some security loopholes.

So, we would like to advise our readers to have a proper security system installed on their computers. Android Studio is an Official Android IDE from the Tech giant Google. Android Studio is used for the Android app development.

Although it is an IDE, it comes along with an Android Emulator. This Emulator is mainly for the Android developers to test their apps on. The emulator is not for heavy usage as it does not have many features.

This emulator is not suited for the gaming purpose and it is only used by the developers (though it can run simple games). It is the Official Android Emulator and Google provides the update to it regularly. It's an emulator which the developers love.

Also, its free of cost.