I have used Quicken since 1988 and updated it regularly. I kept an old Mac just to keep using Quicken 2007. I will NEVER upgrade until the new Quicken lets me create custom reports with categories (rows) and classes (columns) & export it to excel for tax preparation. I tried QuickBooks and do not like it. So don't suggest I switch to it.

Please bring back these important and necessary features that make Quicken so useful for a small business. Format samsung ssd internal hard drive for mac. Download gopro studio for mac. I would pay hundreds of dollars for these features. Attached is a screen shot of the Categories and Classes. I agree that reporting capabilities are under developed in QM2016. As a result reports in QM2007 are not carried over. This is the EXACT same need I have and one of the main reasons that is holding me back on QM2007. If you have not done so already, I suggest you add your vote for these features to help guide the priorities by the developers.

First released in October, Quicken 2017 features a new interface, a range of custom report options, and Quicken Bill Pay for paying for bills directly within the app. Quicken for Mac 2017 can be.

As per the directions of intuit Admin, you can submit your request for bugs/features for Quicken 2016 for Mac by entering into the field 'Something not listed? Tell us:' here: This is the surest way for them to see your request. The field may appear small but you can type in quite a bit. (if you have too many details, you can always post them here and place a link to this thread in your feedback) Take the time to also vote on any of the listed features that Intuit is considering.


Arleen and Peter: it's not a mater of simply 'enabling' more functionality, but creating it. What worked in Quicken 2007 or Quicken Windows illustrates the functionality users expect, but they have to do the programming to create these reports. When the modern Quicken for Mac debuted three years ago with Quicken 2015, the reports were simply carried over from the very under-developed predecessor Quicken Essentials product. They made a few tweaks to reports, but what was needed was a completely new report engine to provide the flexibility and user customizability Quicken users expect. They did a bunch of that development work last year, but were slowed by the work to get off the old Intuit servers; this year should see significant forward progress on the reports.

Brad, there are separate development teams for Quicken Mac and Quicken Windows. I'm sure there's internal communication, but the two products have different features and have different short, medium and long-term needs.

I'm a longtime Mac user, and I couldn't wish harder for the Mac version to regain some of the features that existed in the venerable Quicken 2007, or in Quicken Windows. But I also don't feel there's any reason Quicken Windows users shouldn't get bug fixes or improvements while the Mac team works to improve the Mac product -- and I don't see that as insulting in any way to Mac users. The Mac product under Intuit was always the smaller, lesser stepchild of the Quicken family.

Under private ownership, the Quicken CEO has committed to making the Mac products reach a level comparable to the Windows products; they have hired more Mac development staff, and they have been knocking off feature requests from users -- slower progress than any of us want, to be sure, but progress nonetheless. You may also want to add your VOTE to MANY types of reports and report features, here: Click the link above to go take a look at the list and vote for the ones you want to see implemented in Quicken for Mac. Be sure to scroll down the page, as some contain lists of related features.

Click on the link to EACH IDEA separately. Then you click the VOTE button at the top of EACH page that opens up respectively to increase the count and therefore its visibility to the developers If you do not click VOTE at the top of the page of each feature, your vote will NOT be counted for THAT feature! (If you find this reply helpful, please be sure to click 'Like', so others will know, thanks.). This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled.