External Drive for Mac to Windows 10. If you’ve got a WD external drive for Mac platforms and you want it to work on a Windows 10 PC, exFAT format is your best bet. Western digital my passport for mac. I don’t need that. I need something that i can download on a PC to make my Passport work on a PC. Is there a NTFS program that i can download on a PC to format it? Or is the FAT32 program made so i can download it on a PC to format my Passport to be PC useable? I hope i’m being clear, if not i’m sorry. Like I said, computers aren’t my thing.

The Kodi app is a very trending app these days and it comes with a lot of amazing features. Kodi was initially launched in the year 2002 under a different name. It was known as XBMC back then and since them there has been no looking back for the company. This app has been in the market for more than a decade and is doing just fine.

Kodi for OS X runs natively on Mac OS X. OS X for Mac computers from Apple can provide hardware video decoding for H.264 and MPEG-2 video, though most CPUs are able to software decode other formats in 1080 as well.

The new re-launched Kodi on PC app has a number of additional features to match up to the present day requirements. No doubt the latest versions are becoming increasingly popular by each passing day.

Seeing the popularity of the android version of the app the developers decided to prepare the PC version of the app as well to aid to the requirements of the users. The PC version has also been very acceptable to the users so far and it is becoming even more useful to the users and they are opting for the app even more. Basically this Kodi app can be used to cast movies and videos across platforms to your television or any other devices at ease within minutes, completely free of cost. Kodi for PC Download Windows 7/8/8.1 & Mac: The Kodi app is designed to play any kind of videos and digital media file on any device as per your requirement.

The only thing that should be taken care of is that the device should be compatible with the app. The PC version is very user-friendly and you are sure to get the drift of the app very soon. Youtube, Crackle, etc. Are compatible platforms through which the media files can be played at ease. You can play files of this digital media directly from any kind of storage devices you may like. This is known to be one of the leading remote control and media control apps available in the market these days.

Recording videos with this app is also very convenient. Here is the official method to download Kodi Desktop software, all you need to do is get this software program in your Windows or Mac Desktop and install the software, you are ready to go. • Windows users please • Mac users please follow If you are not satisfied with this official method then we have one unofficial but working method which will make it easy for you to use Kodi App on Computer system. Kodi on PC using Bluestacks (Unofficial Method): The developers have judiciously and generously kept the download and installation procedure simple and quick. All you need to do is follow a few quick steps to get through it at ease.


The steps that will aid you in the download and the installation of the app are: • To begin with, you need to have an emulator app (like Bluestacks) already downloaded on your PC. If you do not have it yet, that will be the first thing on your agenda. Use any emulator for the purpose. This in turn will aid you in using the android app for your PC.

Make sure you download an authentic one. • The next thing on the list would be downloading the app itself. For this you will have to go to the Kodi XBMC official website and download the Kodi APK file. • Go to the menu bar on that page and you will get an option that will say ‘downloads’.