Hello Everybody, I am attempting to help resolve this exact problem with AutoCAD for Mac 2017, but my particular problem might be a little different. Our office is PC based, but my boss recently switched to Mac and there have been some issues with fonts. Our office standard text style uses Century Gothic, so it was being replaced on the Mac and causing problems when printing drafts or setting up text. To address this, we purchased and downloaded a version of Century Gothic onto his computer, added it to Fontbook and attempted to use it as the Alternate Font through the application pane of the preferences window.

For some reason, using the.otf file, or any of the other True Type fonts listed in the pop-up window doesn't work. When I select any one of these fonts, the program doesn't seem to acknowledge this, failing to close the popup window or give any other sign of acceptance. If I restart AutoCAD after changing this, before I’ve even opened a document, the same pop-up appears, asking me to select an alternate font to replace one that’s missing. I am able to see the new font I loaded in AutoCAD, and I can change text manually to Century Gothic Std (the mac compatible font name), but I’m really looking to have the problem solved automatically whenever a document is opened.

I have been able to make this function work perfectly if I chose one of the numerous.shx font files that are listed in the pop-up window, but it doesn’t work with true type fonts. I’ve also tried editing the Font Mapping File, but I’m not sure I had the syntax correct, and the changes didn’t take. I have also contacted our AutoCAD distributor and had long conversations with their tech support staff and the best suggestion they could come up with was just installing the mac compatible font on all the PC’s in the office and then creating a new text style that uses that font for everyone to use. Formatting usb for mac and pc. That’s totally fine if it’s the only solution, but it doesn’t exactly make it easier to use previously created documents. Suffice to say, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the quick response. I understand the intention of the FONTALT variable, but I was hoping to use it because it is not possible to install the exact same font on the mac, and there are hundreds of previously created drawings that we'd prefer not to have to change manually. My other thought was that if we can just have the Mac substitute for the missing font, I wouldn't have to go and changed something on every computer in the office.

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Windows 10 missing fonts

Click AutoCAD 2017 menu > Preferences. On the Application tab, under the Files list, double-click Text Editor, Dictionary, and Font File Names. Double-click Alternative Font File. In the Select Alternate Font dialog box, select the alternate truetype fonts or SHX fonts you want to use as the alternative.

We do have our own Text Style that we use, but the problem is we can't use that windows compatible font on the Mac system. I tried taking it out of windows, but it wasn't recognizable. Whenever I open a document created on windows in AutoCAD for Mac, the old Century Gothic is replaced by the standard simplex.shx file dictated in FONTALT, and in the text editing menu the original font is marked with a yellow warning triangle. Would I still need a TTF or SHX file on the Mac since I am able to manually select and apply the.OTF font?