■ Scripting that helps automate guest operating system operations Although the guest operating system can run without VMware Tools, you would lose important functionality and convenience. You can use the Windows Easy Install or Linux Easy Install feature to install VMware Tools as soon as the operating system is finished installing.

In the case of Windows Easy Install or Linux Easy Install, VMware Fusion installs VMware Tools as soon as it finishes installing the operating system. When you finish installing the operating system in your new virtual machine by any other means (rebooting the virtual machine when prompted), install VMware Tools.

Not all features are supported on all guests. You can use the VMware Tools control panel to set various options that optimize your guest operating system for use in a virtual machine.


VMware Fusion makes it a breeze to install and use Fedora Linux on your Mac system, whether you have a MacBook Air, an iMac or a full MacBook Pro. Compile for mac on windows. Here's how to get Fedora installed and running as easily as possible. Equipped with 2 cpu and a decent amount of RAM to start with 32 - 64G you could in theory run vmware or most other virtualization software made to run on “metal” on the intel xserve’s and then run OSx servers as virtual guests.

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Mac app for printing pictures. You may also select the plus [ +] sign to add Lexmark services.

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