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Have you ever experienced challenges in uploading your video files to an email account? If yes, that could have been as a result of many issues but file size is one that you cannot run away from.

Considering that an email account stores a lot of data, it will be impossible to add an equally big video file without experiencing hitches. When confronted by such a situation, the only option will be compressing the video and it will fit in well to your email. This article will introduce the best way to compress a video for Email. Be sure to choose the one that best suits your video compression needs. • • • Part 1. Best Way to Compress Videos for Email is one of the most effective ways to compress a video file and you will be obligated to consider that.

It will be good in case your videos will be played on a portable device for the simple reason that its adjusted presets are intuitive. This software program can compress a video file with even the biggest size so that should not be a big concern for you. This software allows the user to personalize a video file prior to compressing and the speeds are always faster when actual compression gets underway. Ease of use is yet another of the important aspects that will make iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe a suitable choice for compressing your video files.

You will have to follow very simple steps in having your video compressed and that saves time as well as energy. As long as you have done all the settings right, the rest will be easy starting with the 'File' button on the menu bar. Simple Steps to Compress Videos for Email using iSkysoft Step 1.

Load Videos To start with, please load your video files with drag-n-drop method or go to the main menu and choose 'Add Files'. 2 Solutions to Compress Videos for Email Method 1: To compress videos for email, you can change the output format of your video. Here you can choose to convert your video to any format as you want. And you can preview the file size before conversion. Method 2: If you don't want to change the output format, you are able to change the resolution, frame rate or bit rate of your video. Now please go to 'File' > 'Encode Settings' to make settings. Start to Compress Video for Email After making all settings, please click the 'Convert' button to compress your videos as needed.

Finally, you can go to the output folder to get the compressed video for Email with ease. It will be time to attach your video file to email (Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Web-based service, etc.) after compression is successful and the steps are very clear.

First, make sure the file has been saved in the computer and then open the email program to use. Hit the 'Compose' icon to open a new page and use the 'Attach File' button to load the file and send the email once successfully loaded.

Is photoshop only for mac free. How to Compress Videos for Email Using Avidemux This is an open-source software program that many people prefer using for video compression and you should not be an exception. Begin the compression process by clicking the 'File' icon and then 'Open' to access your video to be compressed.

Compressing video files for youtube

Browse through the computer to locate the file where you saved and double-click to open. Below the file, you will see an icon reading 'Copy' where you will be required to select a suitable codec from the long list. Proceed to click 'Configure' from the video and then 'Encoding mode' from the dropdown menu.

There are many options that pop up from which you will choose 'two pass- video sizes' and it will allow you to type in the right size that the video will be compressed to. After that, click 'Ok' and then return to the 'File' button on the menu bar to type the new name of the compressed video and click 'Save'. Your video file will be successfully compressed using Avidemux. How to Compress a Video for Email Using iMovie Compressing a video file is pretty simple when using iMovie.