Follow the tutorial to fix WD My Passport not readable or corrupted on macOS Mojave/High Sierra/Sierra, and recover data from unreadable WD external hard drive with free Mac data recovery software without loss.

Does the drive have a letter assigned to it in Windows? You may have a corrupted file system on the drive. If it has a letter, you can check by doing the following: If you are using Vista or higher, you will first need to open an elevated command prompt.

From the Start Menu, under Accesories find Command Prompt and right click. Select Run As Adminstrator and accept the User Account Control prompt. If you are using XP you can just run the Command Prompt. When the command prompt appears, type CHKDSK driveletter: /F (replacing driveletter with your assigned letter). It will check the file system and attempt to correct any errors. However, be aware depending on its condition you may still end up with corrupted files. Some times this corruption can occur when unplugging from your TV or not safely removing the device from your computer.

If this is a portable drive (no separate power supply), then this may be a power issue. Portable hard drives require a fair bit of power, and while they SHOULD fall within the USB specs (500mA for USB 2.0), some demand a little more. Equally, some hosts (computers, TVs etc) provide just a little below spec, so sometimes you get a bad combination. To test this theory, try the HD on a number of different USB ports on different computers (not just your PC & Mac) and see if they can be read on any of them.

If this is indeed the problem, and none of the ports on your computers provide enough power, then there are two things you can do: 1) get a USB 'Y' cable which will aggregate the power from two different sockets or 2) use an external power supply if your HD has a socket for one (if it does not, you may be able to obtain another HD enclosure, which does have such a connection, and transfer the drive itself to it. How to install office for mac for free.

I just bought but when I went to format it for MAC OS (Journaled) it popped up with an error message and now it says the disc is not readable by this computer. I'm trying to set it up as my backup disc for Time Machine so if anybody has any ideas as to what happened that'd be great. Thanks in advance.

Wd my passport mac driver

EDIT: Added to show what the disc looks like under Disc Utility. EDIT 2: Can't erase the disc either.

EDIT 3: Hooking it up to a Windows PC doesn't do anything either. It doesn't even show up in 'My Computer'. EDIT 4: Well I give up! I requested a return through Amazon and they already sent me a replacement.

Should be here Tuesday. But thanks so much everybody for yalls help! I learned some new tips from you guys.