My daughter is so badly used to Onenote and she is pressing me to buy MS Office as there is no substitute of Onenote that does exactly what Onenote does. I'm 100% sure that there will NEVER be any software good enough for your daughter. OneNote simply takes too long to load and to sync to make it feasible for on-the-fly note taking. So my pattern of use has become to take quick notes using the Notes app on my iPhone, then later when I am back with my MacBook Pro, I transfer the notes to relevant parts of the OneNote collection.

There is no doubt that with the presence of, it has really turned out to be easy to jot down things with just a few taps. But, what to do when you have to switch from Windows to MAC? Well, there are plenty of options available for MAC alternative to Microsoft’s OneNote. But, not all of them are simple enough to be handled easily.

For this reason, it is essential to choose the one that is easy to comprehend. Through this article, we will help you know about the top 10 alternatives for OneNote. Take a look below: 1. This one is really an easy application for creating, gathering, and managing information through notes. The flexibility of this application makes it really valuable for the students who often have to jot down lecture notes in an organized way. This application for MAC is a daily notebook that works just like any information manager.


Teachers, scholars, professors, scientists, and students will find this application really useful, as it will allow them to connect the notes with the media they like. In the beginning, it was a simple application used as a diary entry.

But, now it is a powerful and really efficient note taker that comes with loads of features. Free editing software for mac. It even lets you to organize your notes in chronological order. PDFs, images, movies, QuickTime, WordPress, MobileMe, and many more are compatible with this MAC application. Just like MacJournal, this application also lets you to jot down notes and organize them in chronological order. In addition, it also lets you to synchronize your notes and data over several devices, including mobiles as well.

This free app for MAC is more or less similar to the OneNote app for Windows. Through this application you can create several notebooks and save them to your MAC. Each notebook of Growly Notes offers multiple sections, with multiple pages under each section. This is basically a clone of Evernote. Initially, it was launched for the Linux users, but now compatible with MAC as well.

This application will let you to save audio files, documents, and photos quite easily. It even allows you to highlight text and rotate images. This application is more suitable for desktop with MAC OS.

By using this software you can easily create, save, and manage files on daily basis. Free outlook for mac. Inline spell checking, font styling, auto linking web, bullet lists, and highlight texts are some of its prominent features. If you are looking for a lightweight application that is free too then Cinta Notes is the best option for you. This application will allow you to jot down, save, and tag data.

Comes with all the basic features, this application will surely serve you well. With this note taking application, you can create content and even share it with anyone you like. So, it is really a good way to spread your ideas.