Outlook for Mac - Release notes for Insider Fast builds Insider builds for Office for Mac are updated on a regular basis to provide new or improved features, security updates and bug fixes. To see similar information about other Office for Mac apps, go to. Mac Learn how to, and check out the information below to learn about each Insider Fast release. January 2, 2019 release Version: 16.22 (190101) Fixes: • Calendar - Skype for Business 'Set Access Permissions' now works after switching to REST • Calendar - Fix for printing Calendar in Week view • Calendar - Fix for toll free numbers in Teams meeting coordinates • General - Fixes for Dark Mode UI New or improved features: • Delegation support for Teams meetings in Outlook for Mac is now rolling out! (Note: this is for OnPrem servers only) Known issues: • None. Version: 16.21 (181219) Fixes: • Fix for a regression where dragging and dropping emails while holding down 'Option' key moves the email instead of making a copy New or improved features: • Preference for users on macOS Mojave (10.14+) to disable Dark Mode in Outlook • Users with Dark Mode turned on in macOS System Preferences, can now disable it just for Outlook • From the menu, navigate to Outlook > Preferences > General and check the new option for “Don’t allow Appearance to change in Dark Mode” Known issues: • None.

Hello all, Yesterday I updated my Office applications for my MacBook Pro (running OS 10.10.5) to the version 15.22. Ever since then, my Outlook application has been using pretty much all of my CPU resources. The issue should be resolved in the background when you open Outlook 2016 for Mac. There might be a short delay while the GlobalMeet add-in downloads new files. Release 12.3 (add-in).

Outlook For Mac 15.40

Version: 16.20 (181113) New or improved features: • Support for Dark Mode for users on macOS Mojave (10.14+) • For users with Dark Mode turned on, Outlook will now support Dark Mode • To try this feature, use System Preferences to switch your Appearance to Dark • Once enabled, Outlook will switch to Dark Mode, this also includes the new iconography Known issues: • Latest versions of WebEx are causing Outlook for Mac to crash • Calendar: users migrated to REST will lose Teams Meeting button if the tenant TeamsUpgradeMode is set to 'islands' Fixes: • None. Version: 16.20 (181112) New or improved features: • We now support displaying up to 3 timezones in the calendar day & week views • Go to Outlook Preferences and add a 2nd & 3rd timezone to display in the calendar • Calendar event cards now show the meeting response statuses of attendees (Office 365 subscriptions only) Known issues: • Latest versions of WebEx are causing Outlook for Mac to crash Fixes: • Calendar: fix for All-Day travel event cards, with regards to lodging & rental cars • Calendar: fix for updating organization permissions for users migrated to Calendar REST. Version: 16.18 (180926) New or improved features: • Sensitivity labeling • When composing an email or authoring a document, under the Home tab you'll now see a Sensitivity button if you are signed in with an Office 365 work account • If your administrator has configured sensitivity labels for you, you can use this button to apply a sensitivity label to your email • For more information, see the documentation here: Fixes: • Mail: delegates no longer see messages marked private • Mail: inline images appear correctly in other endpoints like Outlook Web Access, Outlook mobile etc.