Last Updated: July 27, 2018 Quicken 2017 for Mac is here and may finally be the Quicken that Mac users have been demanding for years with a fully functional Bill Pay, new interface and enhanced reporting features. After many years of having to endure an inferior product, Quicken for Mac is now finally much closer to the Windows version although shortcomings still remain.

Aug 21, 2007 - Quicken has been the default personal finance manager of Mac users for years. Tom Negrino shares a list of 10 tricks every Quicken user -- from novices to. Quicken's categories are the key to tracking your spending.

The fact that Intuit recently sold Quicken to H.I.G Capital in March has definitely breathed new life into a woefully neglected product by Intuit who were unable or simply unwilling to bring Quicken for Mac up to speed with the Windows version leaving many Mac users switching to alternatives such as the excellent and free. With more investment in the Mac version and a new dedicated Quicken for Mac product manager however, the new owners seem to be putting more effort into Quicken for Mac. After the disappointment of and on Mac, Quicken has delivered a Mac version of Quicken that’s considerably closer to the Windows version so here we take a closer look at Quicken 2017 for Mac. What’s New In Quicken 2017 For Mac? In a nutshell, the most significant improvements in Quicken 2017 for Mac can be summarized as: • The introduction of a fully functional Quicken Bill Pay like in the Windows version of Quicken • A Modernized and Standardized Interface comparable with the Windows version • Enhanced Budgeting (12 month budgets, although this was also introduced in an update to Quicken 2016), Investment and Reporting features • A More Powerful Mobile App We’ll now look at these improvements and some of the shortcomings that still remain in more detail. Wifi antenna for mac os x windows 10. Quicken Bill Pay Is Finally Here After Mac users were let down by a, it seems that the new product development team at Quicken have finally listened to the complaints of Mac users and added a fully functional for Mac in Quicken for Mac 2017. Bill Pay is arguably the most requested feature in Quicken for Mac after it was inexplicably removed from Quicken 2007 for Mac and for that alone, will be worth the upgrade for many users.

The enhanced Bill Pay in Quicken 2017 for Mac means that Mac users can finally pay their bills from most banks within Quicken, including small and regional banks. The Bill Payment Services are provided by the same handlers as on Windows – Metavante Payment Services – and Bill Pay works just as well on Mac as on Windows now.

Quicken Bill Pay on Mac also allows you to transfer funds between accounts at the same bank and pay all of your bills, just as on Windows. Note that there are bound to be some banks and institutions that still don’t work with Quicken Bill Pay (some may also charge application approval fees) but this is often due to problems on the bank’s side and not Quicken so you should always check with your financial institution first to make sure it is supported. Quicken claims to be supported by 14,500 different financial institutions though so it’s safe to say, you should be fine. Hangouts extension for chrome mac mac. Even when it is supported, you should still be careful with it when making bill payments as payments can fail for no apparent reason without any kind of notification and it’s often hard to work out if the problem is on the bank’s side or Quicken’s side. Note that Quicken Bill Pay isn’t free as you must pay subscription for it. Quicken Bill Pay for the first 20 payments with every 5 payments after that charged at $2.49 per batch.

Quicken Bill Pay also includes Direct Connect Bill Pay (which was already included in Quicken 2016 for Mac) and supports around 450 financial institutions. New Interface The most notable visual change to the Quicken 2017 for Mac interface is not only a fresher, newer OS X style look but it’s now consistent with the Windows interface. Before, switching from Quicken for Windows to Quicken for Mac was more confusing than it should be, partly due to the fact that the interfaces were quite different.

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As a result, it’s now much easier to migrate between platforms. For example, this is how the new look Quicken 2017 for Mac Home tab looks: And this is the same screen on Windows: Quicken 2017 also looks sharper than previous versions of Quicken too, partly due to the fact that it’s finally been optimized for high resolution displays also. In general, Quicken 2017 does a much better job of bringing all of your essential data together in one place via the Home tab than previous versions. It’s now easier to see the state of your checking, savings, credit cards, investments, retirement, loans in one place. All of this information is updated in real time as Quicken updates it from your financial institutions. While Quicken has definitely made the interfaces on Quicken for Mac and PC more similar however, the range of features is still not the same on Mac as it is on Windows (more on this later). In addition, the Mac interface still isn’t as easy to customize as on Windows – simple dragging and reshaping of reports and transactions is very limited compared to Quicken for PC.