It's always nice to buy a new Wii game (since I don't play it enough), so yes, I picked it up. It is a pretty good game. There are a few games that I don't like in it (airsports, wakeboarding, cycling), but the rest of the games are pretty good. My favorites are Table Tennis, Frisbee, and Swordplay because they really show off the motionplus. Table Tennis is really cool, you can put spin on the ball and really aim your shots.

There is a return challenge were you just have to return ball after ball, and sometimes cans pop up and if you hit them you get extra points. It's actually quite addicting. In Frisbee you can easily affect your shot when you throw it, and there is also a Frisbee golf mode that is fun. There are also little awards that you get (like achievements) and, just like in the original, you gain points with each challenge and can master the game modes by getting 1000.

Download Nintendo Wii ISOs. Fishing Resort [NTSC-U] FlingSmash [NTSC-U]. Mario Sports Mix [NTSC-U]. [Emulator] Dolphin (v4.0) (Mac OS X Port). Download kies for samsung phone.

So to keep this short, the game is pretty much a Wii Sports title with more stuff and better controls. If you liked Wii Sports, you'll probably like this. Click to expand.So, what you're saying is that if you like playing games, you would recommend not getting into game development? I have a cousin who is pondering what he wants to do when he gets out of high school. He really enjoys games and has been wanting to learn how to develop them. Should I argue against it, mentioning your experience.not really being able to play games anymore because of what you do?

I'm not sure what advice, if anything, to give him on this subject. Back to Wiii Sports Resort. Am I the only one who wishes that it had an online component? I don't often have a chance to play it (or the original) against anyone. Click to expand.They force it on you in Resort.

Something I can smell in other games coming soon. Quite the fun, buy the game then realize the $49.99 cost of entry requires $24.99 x3 if you want to play with 4 players. They should have let you play without the motion plus, but then I guess it wouldn't have meant it would be a $139.96 + tax game for four players. The game isn't bad, in fact I can see it being quite fun the next time I have some guests over. The pricing model forcing you to buy motion plus modules for every controller is what bothers me. Let me decide, especially at $24.99 per module. So be it if you lose some accuracy.

That said, yes I did get the game + 3 modules. Vpn for computer mac free.