If you’ve ever tried editing a video, whether it was for your first video project ever, or just an experiment to see what video editing is like, you’d know that having a good video editor is probably one of the most important parts of the entire process. Having a video editor you’re used to, and that you can make your way around is definitely important, and that’s where Wondershare’s Filmora9 () comes into the picture.

Aug 17, 2017  The interface of Filmora Scrn is well-designed and the users can also find the controls without effort. Filmora Scrn software is downloadable for all Mac and Windows users at free of cost. However, with no registration, the users can get the opportunity to.

It’s a pretty solid video editing software that comes with a bunch of features, and also has an interface that’s incredibly easy to navigate. So let me tell you why I’m recommending Filmora9 as a video editor you should definitely check out. Key Features: 1. Easy, Intuitive User Interface Like I said, having a video editor with an interface you can easily navigate is important, and Filmora9 nails that with a clean UI that’s user friendly, and doesn’t give you that awkward “I don’t know what to do here” feeling that a lot of video editors do. With Filmora9, you’ll feel right in control, and you’ll always know what to do, and how to do it.

I was really impressed by Filmora9’s user interface. There are big, clean, well-labelled buttons right on the top to switch between the imported video files, audio files, transitions, and more. There’s a video-preview that takes the place of honor, as it should, right in-front of your eyes so you can always see what’s going on with the video you’re editing. On the left side, you’ll get your folders and file management, all neatly labelled, which is great. As is the case with most video editors, the actual editing timeline is at the bottom, and it too looks clean. It opens with two tracks by default (one for video, and one for audio), but you can add up to 100 tracks to get as free an editing workspace as you need.

We edit a lot of videos at Beebom, and 100 tracks are not something we’ve ever needed, so it’s safe to say that they’re more than enough. Plus, if you do end up using 100 tracks, you can even choose the track size of individual tracks to keep more important clips looking bigger, and things like audio files looking smaller. Easy to Use If you’re just starting out with video editing, or if you’re just trying to create a montage of that trip to Europe, you probably don’t want to worry yourself with creating video effects and using them in your videos. Well, Filmora9 has you covered, thanks to it’s rich library of built-in video effects, along with support for easy drag and drop actions almost everywhere in the editor. You can switch over to the transitions tab, and add video transitions to your clips by simply dropping them onto the timeline, you can switch over to the effects tab and do the same with effects to make the video look just the way you want it to look, plus you can download extra effects and transitions from the Filmora Store if you need to.

Packed with Powerful Features Filmora9 may be an easy to use video editor, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking when it comes to powerful features. Filmora9 supports full 4K video editing, so you can shoot with your favorite smartphone, or even a 4K DSLR, and edit the footage easily on Filmora9. Plus, it supports things like color grading, and has a pretty solid color-grading tool built in.

It comes with preset LUTs, by the way, so if you’re like me and have no idea how to color grade a video, these will come in handy, but if you like full control over the color grading on your footage, Filmora9 has you covered there too. That’s not all, you can also get into the nitty gritty with the audio on your project by entering the audio mixer which will let you individually control the audio levels for each of the (upto 100) tracks in your timeline, set them to left, right, or balanced channels, and even just set the master volume to increase or decrease the volume for all the tracks individually. There’s also a new and improved Chroma Key feature in Filmora9, which makes it even easier to use a green screen in your clips. So, if you’re trying to replace a green screen shot with a new background, Filmora9 will make it easier for you to do that.

How to add pages to word document. However, my favorite feature in Filmora9 is what Wondershare calls ‘ Proxy clips.’ Basically, you can use proxy clips to make editing easier and more seamless on your system. This way, Filmora9 doesn’t actually use the original, full-res video clip in the timeline, but a proxy of that video clip is used instead to make editing easier, especially with 4K videos. New and Improved Features in Filmora9 Other than those key features, Filmora9 brings a ton of new features and improvements as compared to the previous version of Wondershare’s video editing software.