The following is an outline of Word tutorials. If you have no experience with Microsoft Word and want to start from the beginning, or if you have some experience with it but want to become more proficient, then you’ve come to the right place. Word for Mac 2016 Essential Training Course. And print a wide variety of documents in Microsoft Word for Mac 2016. And those looking for a refresher on many of the basic to intermediate.

Hey there and welcome to this tutorial on Office 2008 from the Virtual Training Company. My name is Brian Culp and I will be your instructor, your tour guide as we look at all the different products in the suite of applications. Of course, this is the update of Office for the Macintosh and I thought about putting that in the first slide here, but of course you don't need to be told that. You know you're not looking at a product that is built for the PC.

You're of course looking at something, a suite of application that is built for the Macintosh. And so that's what we look at here.

In fact, we'll just go into a slideshow to introduce this topic and this tutorial. Once again, my name is Brian Culp. Serial to usb for mac osx el capitan. I've authored several tutorials for the Virtual Training Company, including the previous version of Office for the Macintosh, Office 2004 and I want to take just a few moments to tell you what's coming up in this tutorial.

We'll first spend our introductory chapters talking about three applications; PowerPoint, Word and Excel and ways to get you up and running very quickly to do what those products are meant for. With PowerPoint, we'll be starting a slideshow presentation.

With Word we'll be creating a word processing document and with Excel we'll be working with spreadsheets right away. Then kind of in the middle of the tutorial we look at Entourage and I split Entourage into two different groupings here; email and everything else. This is, of course, the time management and email management program that is a big part of daily life for most users or certainly a lot of users of the Macintosh. So once you learn those tips and tricks and use of Entourage, we'll go then into power user knowledge, which might just get you a round of applause on each of these three other applications; PowerPoint, Word and Excel and you'll learn how to do things like you just witnessed in this module here and that being the ability to add transitions and even audio effects to slides. So those are the kinds of topics we'll hit on as we talk about power use knowledge for each of these three applications. And then finally, we'll end with some time-saving tips and tricks for, again, each of those big three. We'll probably sprinkle in some Entourage as well, but because these applications so tightly integrate, most of the time-saving tips and tricks that I show you in one application will certainly apply to the others as well.

So that's what's coming up in this tutorial. It's a great use of your time to get you up and running quickly and to also get you some very specific or very powerful knowledge in a short amount of time. So stay tuned and I think you'll really like this tutorial.

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