That could be a problem: in Microsoft Word (the only place - we think - that user initials make themselves known) you could end up with a user named Ken Myer who had the initials JC. What is handbrake on mac for. With Word we can change both the name and the initials.

By Viewing versions of pages and authors can help you keep track of changes to OneNote documents as well as to who did what. OneNote 2013 and OneNote web App allow you to view these things, but the controls for doing so are located in different places in each app’s interface.

How to view versions and authors in OneNote 2013 You can view versions and authors in OneNote 2013 via the History tab. You have various options for viewing versions and authors: • Next Unread: Move to the next unread change. • Mark as Read: Here you can choose to mark a change as read or unread, mark the notebook as read or unread, or choose to show or hide changes in the notebook altogether.


• Recent Edits: From this menu, choose the time frame of changes you want to view. You can view changes as recent as today’s changes or as far back as six months ago. The bottom option allows you to show all pages sorted by date. • Find by Author: Access this item to show the Search Results sidebar at the right. At the top is a search field with a drop-down menu next to it that allows you to change between searching the current section, section group, the entire notebook, or all notebooks.

The drop-down menu below the search field allows you to sort results by date modified or author, and a button to the right that lets you choose whether to sort from A-Z (descending) or from Z-A (ascending). • Hide Authors: Select this item, and author information will be hidden; select it again to show the information.

When viewing authors, you can see the initials of individual contributors. Likely based on the assumption that you know what you wrote in OneNote 2013 (if you write in OneNote for Windows 8 your initials may be visible), your own information won’t be displayed whether authors are hidden or not. • Page Versions: This item lets you view all page versions, delete various configurations of page versions, or disable versioning history. • Notebook Recycle Bin: Choose this item to show or hide the Notebook Recycle Bin as a read-only tab.

Other options here allow you to empty the bin or to disable history altogether. How to view versions and authors in OneNote web App OneNote web App has a much leaner set of options for viewing authors or versions than OneNote 2013; namely, it has one option for viewing each on the app’s View tab: • Show Authors: Select this button to show the names of authors of various changes next to the change itself. Select the button again to hide author names. • Page Versions: Click or tap this button to show the versions of pages.

Click or tap the button again to hide versions.