Is one of the most powerful and effective revision control systems available. It's lightweight and highly configurable, complimenting almost anyone's programming workflow.

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Predominately you interact with git from the command line, inputting commands such as git status or git commit to manipulate your repository. When you first learn git the CLI can be daunting and confusing. Browsing through your history of commits with git log is not efficient. Even after you learn a few tricks such as git log --graph --oneline --all it remains difficult to really explore your history. This is why a git GUI can put the joy back into using git. This article is focused on git GUIs for Mac OS X running 10.5 or greater.

As I find new git GUIs I will add them to this list, hopefully making a canonical collection of Mac git GUIs. GitX GitX is one of the most popular open-sourced Git GUI for the Mac. Subsequently it has been the source of numerous forks. Here's three of the best forks I know about. The first GitX version released was created by pieter on his GitHub account. This version is highly stable however it lacks two very important things: features and active development.

A lot of us set up git (commandline tool/the real git) separately and then adds a GUI client you want to work on to of this. This is where Sourcetree fails. It just won't work with ssh keys that works when you use git command line. What's the best Git client for mac? Tower for Mac. The leading Git client amongst professionals. GitHub Desktop. The New Native. Mike Coutermarsh74Code @ GitHub Written 2yr ago. The Git interface you've been missing all your life. Luke BusseyWritten 1yr ago.

The last time this version of GitX was updated was on Due to the lack of a development cycle the UI has begun to show its age. To toggle between viewing your history and staging a commit isn't as intuitive as other git GUI clients. This version is quite minimal in that regard: you can view your history, stage commits, and commit. Pros Stable Free Cons No active development Non-intuitive UI This is one of the more popular GitX forks available. It was my client of choice until I discovered one big problem this fork has: it runs very slow with large repos.

When I first began using GitX (L) my repos were small enough that it ran fine. However as soon as my repo grew this fork couldn't keep up. Every time I'd refresh my history of commits I'd have to wait upwards of 30 seconds for it to finish scanning my log history. Aside from the performance issues on large git projects this fork brings a lot of nice UI improvements. The overall usability of this GitX client is great. The screens are clearly laid out, easy to navigate, and the GUI doesn't get in the way should you want to drop into a CLI and directly type in some git commands. Pros Free Easy commit history view Shows how far ahead/behind your branch is with a remote branch Staging commits is easy and fast Easy to view and checkout tags, branches, and stashes Cons Very slow on large repositories This GitX version is forked off of GitX (L).