Question: Q: How do I clean my Mac from junk. How do I clean up my Mac, I've deleted a few Aps in the past few weeks/months and in sure they have left associated files? There are many apps on the Mac App Store that you can search for and download to help free up some space on your Mac. Nov 23, 2011 12:37 PM Reply. Dec 20, 2018. Read Also: Fix Your Startup Disk is Almost Full on Mac OS X. Disk Doctor is another app in 'the best Mac cleaning software' list.

Spring comes with its own rituals. Here at Macworld, we like to throw open the windows, beat the dust out of the rugs, and straighten up our Mac desktops.

Don’t stop at cleaning your home this season. Clean up your Mac. Samsung level u pro manual. If you're using macOS Sierra, it has a feature that will help tremendously with your Spring cleaning: Optimize Storage. You can use Optimize Storage to activate the Store in iCloud option, remove iTunes videos you've watched (they can be re-downloaded), set it to empty the Trash automatically, reduce clutter caused by large files and downloads, and a lot more. Optimize Storage is especially handy if you're using a Mac laptop with flash storage.


You usually don't get the same amount of space as you would with a hard drive, so managing your space becomes more important. Beside Optimize Storage, there are other way to keep your Mac digitally clean. These tips from our editors will help you keep your Mac fresh and organized, whether you're using macOS Sierra or an older version of OS X. Tidy up your desktop Light Pillar Software Light Pillar’s wonderful app ($8; available on the; requires OS X 10.8 or later) is a handy utility that cleans up your Mac’s desktop, keeping it free of clutter. It stores all desktop files and folders in a hidden Shadow Desktop, which you can access from the menu bar or in the Finder.

That way, every file I download, each screenshot I capture, and every image I drag and drop to my desktop is stored and filed in an easy-to-reach location. The utility quietly works its magic at scheduled intervals—as often as every minute or as infrequently as every seven days. It even organizes desktop items by file type, which makes finding and renaming files easy. —Leah Yamshon ( ) Delete unnecessary disk images For most people, the Downloads folder is a dumping ground where files pile up in forgotten heaps. Go to the Downloads folder in the Finder and type disk image into the search box. Select Disk Image under the Kinds header. Now, delete all of those downloaded DMG files that are just taking up space!

—Jason Snell IDG Find all those leftover disk images in your Downloads folder and clean them out In macOS Sierra, there's another way to delete disk images. Go to the Apple menu and select About This Mac, then select Storage and click on the Manage button. In the Reduce Clutter section, click on the Review Files button. In the main window, click on Downloads and the click on the Kind header to sort by that particular type.