Best video converter for mac. Capable and stylish, the Samsung Level U Wireless Headphones are ergonomically designed with flexible urethane joints to increase around-the-neck comfort. The included stabilizing wing ear gels ensure a perfect fit for long term wear.

Wireless headphones use a transmitter that sends audio signals to your headphones. This transmitter attaches directly to your TV via a coaxial cable, RCA outputs or your television's headphone jack. If your TV doesn't have a headphone jack, and the transmitter you purchase requires one for setup, you'll need to purchase an RCA-to-female-headphone adapter. When purchasing wireless headphones, Samsung recommends selecting a model that is self-amplified. These headphones have a volume control knob that you can use to adjust the volume of the sound coming through the headphones, opposed to non-amplified headphones which have a fixed volume level that can't be controlled at all. It's also important to note that while using self-amplified headphones, the sound will continue to project from the television's speakers unless the volume is set to zero, the sound is muted or 'External Speakers' is selected as the audio source.

Bluetooth is a standard for connecting wireless devices together; many accessories use it, such as headphones, keyboards, mice, speakers, smartwatches, fitness trackers, and much more. It's a vital technology that a lot of people use every day, and by eliminating the need for cords, it gives us freedom of movement. If you like listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks on your Mac, but hate that the cord gets in your way while you're typing, Bluetooth headphones are a great solution.

They aren't hard to get setup on your Mac, so let's get started. • • • • How to pair Bluetooth headphones on your Mac Note: Before you get started, make sure your Bluetooth headphones are powered on and in 'Discoverable' mode.

How to do this will vary from device to device, so consult the instructions that came with your headphones. • Click on the Apple logo in the top left corner of your screen. It looks like this .

• Click on System Preferences. • Click on Bluetooth. It's the funky-looking 'B' in the blue oval. • Click the Turn on Bluetooth button if Bluetooth is not already on. • Put your Bluetooth headphones into pairing mode. The exact steps for entering pairing mode vary between headphone makers and models, though most will enter pairing mode the very first time they're turned on.

• Click on the Pair button beside the headphones you are trying to connect. Your Mac will connect to the headphones. • Close the Finder window. How to use Bluetooth headphones on your Mac Once you have paired your Bluetooth headphones to your Mac, you'll notice they work like any other pair of headphones does on a Mac.

Crank up your favorite tunes and start bopping your head. How to control playback With your Magic Keyboard, you can raise and lower the volume with the F10 and F11 respectively, mute your Mac with F10, play or pause music with F8, and use F7 and F9 to go to the previous track or next track respectively. Certain Bluetooth headphones may have volume control or other features on the headset itself, be sure to consult the instructions that came with your specific headphones to find out how they work. How to show volume control in the menu bar on your Mac • Click on the Apple logo in the top left corner of your screen. It looks like this .