Genre: Psychological horror is a story-driven, horror video game which mostly revolves around exploration and puzzle solving. It’s played in first person perspective. In the game, you’ll control a psychotic artist who is trying to complete a magnum opus or masterpiece in his studio and in order to do that you must locate hidden items scattered around the complex. The entire game is split into a total of six chapters.

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In the beginning, the studio appears normal, but it changes in a flick of a second with doors vanishing and corners turning into endless straight walls. These effects become more and more intense with each passing level. The game also reveals certain aspects of the painter’s past and personal life through dialogue flashbacks and certain objects that you will find throughout the gameplay. On August 2016, a sequel titled Layers of Fear: Inheritance was released, and this time your job is to control the painter’s daughter.

Firewatch Genre: Adventure is a first-person, adventure game in which players take control of Henry, a fire lookout stationed in the Shoshone National Forest. After a few days of tedious work, Henry began noticing strange things happening around him. He is then contacted by Delilah, another fire lookout in an adjacent sector, regarding similar concerns. Henry and Delilah, both interact with each other over the radio (throughout the game). To converse, you will be given a number of dialog options to choose from.

But remember your choices will affect your character’s relationship with Delilah. Excellent storytelling and near realistic dialogues, expressing a bit of everything – humor, sadness, and anger, make Firewatch the first person narrative game everyone wants. The game is also available on. Night in the Woods Genre: Adventure is a 2D, story-driven game which revolves around Margaret “Mae” Borowski, a young girl who moves back to her hometown of Possum Springs in order to pick things up from where she had left several years ago. She soon, however, realizes that everything there has changed, including her friends. She also finds out that one of her old friends has mysteriously gone missing. As Mae, you will explore Possum Springs and converse with friends and locals.

You will be able to do a number of other things such as climbing on rooftops, power-lines, observe different objects, and more as the game progresses. Free ntfs writer for mac. It also features a variety of mini-games where you can smash old cars and play in a band. The course of the game depends solely on your dialogue choices and whom you decide to spend time with. Overall, Night in the Woods is a remarkable game which not only tells a story but also illustrates emotions and experiences with surprising clarity. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Genre: Real-time strategy Are you a fan of military fiction games?