Windows for mac change header. Whether you live in a “PlayStation household” or an “Xbox household,” your gaming console is likely one of the most important electronic devices in your home. For some people, the amount of storage space on their console is even more important than the storage space on their other devices, as games are often a huge time investment. Xbox users have been taking advantage of external drives for some time now, allowing them to expand their storage and back up their content.

Interestingly, Xbox enables players to use and add-on an external hard drive. The gamers need to have an external USB 3.0 HDD if they want to extend the storage space. The HDD can be used for unused files, however, when correctly formatted, the external drive can also be used to play games directly from it.

For PlayStation users, however, delving into external storage is a more novel endeavor. Mac look alike media players for windows. Recent firmware updates have made it so you can finally install an external hard drive on your system with relative ease.

Here is our brief guide for all of your external storage needs — how to choose the right hard drive for your console, how to install your external hard drive, how to troubleshoot, and how to manage your storage. Read on for more information. Xbox One Your Xbox One or Xbox One S will connect to an external hard drive via USB 3.0, so long as it has a storage capacity of at least 256 GB. You can use a hard drive with lower specs, but it will only save your media, and it will not work for your games. You can also connect two external drives simultaneously, using.