Best Answer: Yes you will! And it runs great. I have a slightly older Mac, but I run a lot of games just fine and I'm on a server with mostly PC users. What other users are doesn't really affect whether you can run it or not. In case you're wondering, there are other games that run, too. I have WoW, Sims 3. How is playing Minecraft on a Mac different from playing it on a PC? Update Cancel. Are there guides for playing Minecraft on Mac laptops? How do people make money playing Minecraft? Can you play a Minecraft PC server on MCPE? Can I play Minecraft (Xbox360) with someone on a PC?

Minecraft offers wondrous worlds for solo adventurers, but it also gives groups the perfect canvas to build on and break together. With this in mind, developer Mojang is making it easier to host your friends with between and Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

Up to five players can now join the same session on a local network with their PC, iOS, Android or Windows Phone devices. And, if you need another reason to try Microsoft's new OS, the Windows 10 version has also been updated with five-person online multiplayer over Xbox Live. Microsoft has put a ton of work into its new -- it's desperate to prove the OS is a worthy upgrade for PC gamers -- and this could make it easier for beginners to set up collaborative builds. If your little one is glued to their phone or tablet, however, Minecraft: Pocket Edition has been spruced up a little too.

The touch controls have been revamped and Mojang is adding controller support with a dedicated button mapping screen. Better yet, there's now enhanced weather effects, including directional rain, the ability to sneak and sprint, and access to the spooky 'Nether' dimension. It's easy to forget just how popular Minecraft has become; as Mojang's showed this year, the community has, in fact, never been stronger, making each iterative update just as important as the last.

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