Such is Microsoft's marketing clout that most people – even Mac owners – immediately think of Word when considering an application to craft letters, tenders, articles, and other types of text documents. However, despite being the most prevalent choice, Word isn't necessarily the best, and so this group test conducted by MacFormat magazine explores five varied and generally impressive alternatives along with Microsoft's giant, to discover the most suitable application for you. On test are Mellel 2.5, Microsoft Word 2008, Nisus Writer Pro 1.1, 3, Pages 3.0.2 and Scrivener 1.11. Ease of use A sign of a good application is if it's intuitive enough to pick up easily. With the exception of Scrivener and, to some extent, Mellel, it's pretty obvious how to get going with all of the applications on test, but it's only once you start digging into more advanced features that the differences emerge. Mac os virtual machine download.

Mellel's bizarre interface left us nonplussed, and it's easy to get lost in its maze of options. Even with its exhaustive documentation, we often became disorientated, and the application's inability to undo past save points proved a big drawback. Samsung android program for mac osx. Among Word,, Pages and Nisus Writer Pro, the streamlined offerings from Apple and Nisus win out.

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It's just far more obvious how to use them. Nisus also adds various widgets that enhance usability and nudge it ahead of Pages. By comparison, is aping an aged Word, and Word itself, despite some interface refinements, feels cluttered and overbearing. Scrivener presents a different way of working, based around projects, but its fantastic tutorial and tidy interface means it scores highly. Mellel 2/5 Microsoft Word 3/5 Nisus Writer Pro 5/5 2/5 Pages 4/5 Scrivener 5/5 Layout and styles This category encompasses each application's ability to create styles for ensuring document-wide visual consistency, along with the kind of DTP-style layout capabilities that many users of word processors require these days. In terms of layout, Word and Pages get a kick-start via their selection of good-looking built-in templates. Word has improved since Office 2004, and now provides more scope for precision layout and effects, but this was always Pages' virtue, straddling the divide between word processing and DTP.