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Hacking the Xiaomi Yi Action Camera August 2015 Introduction The action camera was. It is similar in many respects to some of the popular GoPro cameras, but costs considerably less (about $70 as of August 2015).

Unlike many of the cheap GoPro competitors, the Xioami Yi has an excellent sensor (16 megapixel Sony Exmor R BSI CMOS) and processor (), and is capable of producing excellent images and video. Unfortunately, straight out of the box, its performance isn't nearly as good as it could be. This page describes some tweaks and modifications that can dramatically improve this camera's image quality. Image Quality Weaknesses The Xiaomi Yi has an excellent 16 megapixel sensor and a 155 degree fisheye lens that is surprisingly sharp across the most of the frame.

By default, the images it produces are pretty good, but there are a number of issues that negatively affect image quality: • Poor Focus. The camera has a fixed-focus lens that has been pre-focused at the factory. Unfortunately, it seems that the Xiaomi Yi has been focused for the 'selfie enthusiast', optimally focused on subjects only a few feet from the camera. My guess is that this was a deliberate design decision. After all, with such a wide-angle lens and small sensor, even if the camera is focused at 6 feet, the depth of field is enormous, and subjects at much greater distances are technically 'in focus' as well. The problem is that 'in focus' doesn't mean optimally focused (see my for more information). And, in the case of the Xiaomi Yi, objects at distances of more than about 20 or 30 feet appear visibly softer than those at 6 feet, even though they are all technically 'in focus'.

Interestingly, when viewing the video produced by the Xiaomi Yi it is much harder to detect this focus problem than when looking at the still images. This is because the video is 1080P, so each individual video frame only contains 2 million pixels. In contrast, the still images contain 16 million pixels, making this focus problem much more apparent. When downsized from 16 million to 2 million pixels, the softness in distant objects is hard or impossible to detect. By default the Xiaomi Yi typically chooses fast shutter speeds. This probably makes sense for an action camera that might often be in rapid motion, and slow shutter speeds could produce blurry images.

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However, in order to achieve these fast shutter speeds, the Xiaomi has to also use a high ISO setting. Higher ISO settings add noise and reduce detail in images.

• Aggressive Noise reduction. The Xiaomi Yi shoots JPEG images, and applies an aggressive amount of noise reduction to the images.

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As a result, the images look very smooth, but a lot of fine detail has been lost. Perhaps to counteract the detail loss as a result of the noise reduction, the Xiaomi Yi applies a considerable amount of sharpening to the image. The result is that distant objects often appear plasticky and featureless. The camera only produces JPEG images. RAW files are favored by many photographers for their ability to allow for much greater post-processing latitude than JPEG images. Viewed at small sizes, the images from Xiaomi Yi look good.however, viewing at 100% reveals poor focus and loss of detail due to aggressive noise reduction Improving Image Quality Luckily, all of these problems can be solved with some minor hacking.